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The Difference Between Regular Seed and Feminized Seeds

Regular Seed is a popular term used in the industry referring to cannabis plants grown with a conventional genetic structure. The word “regular” was chosen because as of yet, no specific guarantees exist for all strains. Some have been hybrid and some are pure genetics. There is also another term that is commonly used in reference to feminized seeds, this is “sativa”.

regular seed

When comparing the regular seed to the feminized seeds, there are several distinct advantages to one over the other. For starters, the feminized seeds contain more protein than the regular seed which is beneficial for bodybuilders. The regular seed has relatively lower levels of protein. Many benefits of cannabis stem from protein as well as fiber, the former being responsible for the feeling of being full after a meal and the latter acting as a natural appetite suppressant. The high level of fiber also comes from its high levels of soluble fiber.

Hybrid plants, or autoflowering seeds as they are sometimes called, provide the best of all worlds. Not only can you increase the number of buds you harvest by growing plants with two distinctly different traits, but you can also increase the amount of pollen you harvest by cross-pollinating two plants with two distinctly different traits. If one plant has a high level of hydroponic sugar then the pollen can be harvested and transferred to the second plant, which will in turn begin cross-pollinating itself. By doing this the two plants together will have even higher levels of hydroponic sugar, allowing them to produce even greater quantities of highly potent, high quality cannabis.

Autoflowering seeds are very versatile and can even be used to produce high-end culinary cannabis, if desired. In fact, it is quite easy to produce high-quality cannabis simply by breeding female plants with the male counterpart. The female plants are naturally hyper-stimulated and will grow to fill up the entire pot, while producing large amounts of pollen as well. You may be surprised at how simple it is to create a high-quality crop using this method. The male plants can then be divided into smaller divisions, each with a single male plant producing small numbers of seeds, which will germinate and start growing in the soil.

Cross-pollination using female seeds provides several advantages. Because they are hyper-stimulated it is possible to get many seeds from a single sprout. This provides an environment that is ideal for the germination of many seeds. Additionally female seeds can produce large numbers of seeds due to their superior fertilization properties. Some seeds will produce much larger numbers of seeds than the males. In effect the female plants will fill up the entire pot, allowing for cross-pollination to take place.

Male plants can also be feminized in a way that allows them to produce more buds. When cross-pollinating with female plants the male plants will contain more estrogen than the females. This will cause them to start producing large numbers of seeds before any other seeds. This process can create a bumper crop of feminized seeds and allow them to bloom before the rest of the garden. If the cross-pollinated seeds do not survive after a few days the feminized seeds are made to bloom again. This is why it is important to harvest feminized seeds quickly.

Some of the more popular hybrid varieties used in California gardens include Royal Jelly Beans, Hawaiian Maia Munp, Mexican Sativa, White indica, and Hybrid Hawaiian Maia Munp. Some of these crops are extremely fast growing and produce spectacular results. Others take a bit longer, but still manage to be remarkably useful. Hybrid varieties are great for hybridizing against more hardy varieties that you would want to leave alone, to provide a boost to your existing garden.

The differences between regular and feminized seeds are slight. With regular seeds you get to use up to three sets of chromosomes, while with feminized ones you just get two sets. The advantage of one set being more robust and the other set less robust is that the stronger ones have been shown to grow better, with greater resistance to insects and disease. In short regular seeds are a good option for beginners who want a quick but easy way to get a garden started.

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