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Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of Feminized Seeds for Growing cannabis

Regular seeds used to be the only option for people who wanted a head start on their own small scale marijuana production. They were easy to obtain because they germinated and sprouted fast. Here is a brief run down of the advantages and disadvantages of using regular marijuana seeds.

regular seeds

CONTAINERABLE SEEDS – The main advantage of regular seeds is that you can grow a plant from them. Regular seeds are actually the end result of cross pollination between a male (male-pollen producing) weed and a female (vulva-bearing) weed. In growing cannabis from these plants, the females usually outnumber the males. In short feminized seeds better produce marijuana plants.

IMMERSING GERMS AND FUNGUS – The disadvantages of using feminized cannabis seeds are that they contain a large amount of unrefined seeds, which are mostly useless. To use these in the traditional way of growing cannabis plants, you would need to collect only a small number of seeds. These unrefined seeds would take quite a while to germinate. By collecting a greater number of seeds, you increase the likelihood of germination and your plant will grow faster.

LACTIC MIRPHANTS – All feminized seeds are treated with a special detergent prior to their collection. This detergent, in conjunction with heat, kills any mites or bacteria present on them. Any surviving mites or bacteria are then killed by heat from the mother plant’s mother. Some of the commonly used detergents used include: PHEAN, PHEX and PEP. These detergents kill all living matter, including hermaphrodites and their eggs.

PREGNANCY SEEDS – Unlike regular seeds which are readily available from a local garden shop or seed center, pregnant plants rarely grow from them. For most gardeners this presents a great disadvantage, however there are several advantages to using these in your efforts to grow cannabis plants. The advantage of using pregnant plants is that they contain large amounts of pollen, which contains beneficial compounds for your plants.

Fertilizing – There are several advantages to using feminized seeds. The first advantage is that it is cheaper than regular seeds. By using these in growing space, you can save money on buying seeds every time you have a crop. You also save a valuable amount of money on the energy consumption involved in harvesting and preparing plants when using feminized seeds.

BIOMIMIC PROTEIN – Autoflowering seeds work by adding maternity hormone to your plant. This helps your plant to produce more foliage and buds in order to keep producing marijuana buds. This type of cross-breeding results in stronger, healthier plants. In short, it works much like regular marijuana plants but with a few added benefits. Many experts agree that auto flowering plants make better plants because they are healthier, stronger and produce more foliage.

As you can see, there are some clear advantages to using feminized varieties of cannabis. However, as stated earlier, not all growers should use them. Many grow varieties should be grown in regular seeds. If you plan to cross-breed your plants, then it is recommended to use feminized ones.

The best way to start experimenting with feminized cannabis seeds is to buy them from an online retailer. There are many reputable online retailers that offer a variety of marijuana seeds. You can choose the variety that you want and then purchase them. Alternatively, you could visit a local garden center and purchase one of each gender. This is a great way to go about learning how to cross-breed cannabis plants because it allows you to start experimenting right away.

Hybrid strains definitely have some advantages over regular seeds because of their traits that cannot be found in regular seeds. Hybrid varieties often have a stronger and healthier plant. They also tend to be more resistant to pests and disease. Most breeders will guarantee that their work will result in stronger plants with more character.

One of the main advantages of feminized seeds is that they can be used for cross-breeding purposes. Cross-breeding allows two plants to share the same set of characteristics and traits. If you want to start with a particular theme, or want to reproduce a certain part of a plant, then feminized cannabis seeds are the best way to go. Plus, if you’re starting with plants that have already grown under natural conditions, then you know that you’re unlikely to encounter any surprises.

There are some disadvantages to hybrid cannabis plants. Some breeders will claim that they do not treat their cannabis plants with care, but this is not true. Regular seed banks take care to nurture and nourish their plants to ensure that they’ll grow well in the future. If you want to be sure that your crop is robust and healthy, then consider using feminized seeds.

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