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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Regular Seeds and Hybrids

Regular seeds obtained from marijuana plants are technically called Marijuana Seeds. Regular seeds obtained from flowering plants are technically known as Humulus. The scientific term for these seeds is “Medicago Sativa” which is the common name given to all strains of cannabis. Both the names come from the fact that the plants are naturally Sativa (or woody) plants grown in the tropical regions of North America and Europe.

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Regular seeds are normally the result of hand pollination by a male (male-bearing) marijuana plant. This produces the plant with pollen that will grow into the next crop. There are disadvantages that can be considered when the plants are grown in large amounts compared to other varieties such as autoflowering seeds. One disadvantage is that regular marijuana plants take several years to mature and must then be divided to produce the next crop.

The disadvantage to breeding regular seeds is that the plant can not be harvested to produce the next crop if there is a lack of females. If the females are killed during the process of pollination then the production time for each plant can be shortened. This then reduces the overall productivity. Furthermore, because the plants can only be harvested so many times, the selection of preferred female flowers is often dependent on the time spent on the plants. In essence, when there are more females available, it means better quality buds or blooms and therefore, shorter flowering periods.

While there are disadvantages, there are also advantages to growing regular and feminized seeds. Many users prefer these varieties because they do not contain any pungent oil, thereby eliminating some of the risks involved with smoking marijuana. Additionally, since the plants do not go through the process of cross pollination as with autoflowering seeds, the chances of cross-contamination are eliminated. Because females are produced by the process of pollination, cross-contamination is not a concern. Also, with feminized seeds, there is a much smaller chance for cross-contamination; therefore minimizing the chances of unwanted side effects to occur.

On a side note, there are some disadvantages to cross-pollinating marijuana plants, especially in cases where older strains have already produced new strains using feminized seeds. Since the new strains may contain higher concentrations of resin, and since those strains are less flavorful, consumers will likely prefer using regular seeds for consumption. This is because using feminized seeds may result in a lower percentage of THC, thus eliminating some of the original characteristics of marijuana. However, some users may still prefer cross-pollinated plants over regular ones because of the perceived advantages.

Aside from producing new strains with feminized seeds, it is also possible to cross-harvest existing plant varieties. Cross-harvesting can occur when the plant is removed from its natural environment to a greenhouse, resulting in the cross-pollination of that plant with another variety. However, it is recommended to check with a local grower or seed dealer to find out whether or not the plant would still produce THC if harvested outdoors.

In cases of cross-harvesting, male and female plants are removed together and kept in silos or large containers. The female plants are placed on top of the male plants, and both types of cannabis seeds are then sown in separate locations. If the harvest was successful, each plant is then harvested, making sure that the female plant does not become scarred or damaged in the process. After harvesting, both types of cannabis seeds can be put in small airtight containers.

While the advantages and disadvantages of cross-pollination are both very real, it is still an option that many potential growers consider. In fact, many new hybrid varieties are developed using this method of cultivation. A very popular example of a hybrid created this way is the Cross Cascading Cross (or CBC). This particular variety of cannabis is also very suited to indoor growing because its tall and dense size allows for better air circulation.

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