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Breeding Marijuana With Regular Seed

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Breeding Marijuana With Regular Seed

When most people think of marijuana, they automatically think of the plant as a weed that grows in pots and looks like some sort of weed. However, it is far from that. Actually, marijuana is a grass, and like all other plants, it requires regular maintenance and care if it is going to grow healthily. If you are a beginner to marijuana, here are some important tips on how to start growing your own marijuana.

Typically, when planted, regular seeds will produce male or female plants that are found only when flowering starts. Growing regular seeds will seem a bit tedious since growers often prefer to remove male plants while the flowering stage is still happening. In order to avoid this, different types of cannabis indica should be crossed in order to produce feminized plants.

When crossing plants for development, ensure that you use sterile equipment so that no contaminants will get into the plants during the cross-harvesting process. Crosses can also be made at home by taking two plants and making a crossing between them. In order to grow multiple harvests of cannabis, it is recommended to divide an outdoor pot into smaller ones. This way, the height of the plants can increase even if they are grown in the same pot. However, if there is only one plant in an outdoor pot, it is recommended that they be potted together.

Most experts recommend that indoor marijuana seeds are grown under artificial light. Light can cause stress to the plants, so most experts recommend autoflowering strain. Autoflowering strain is perfect for those who are looking for a good strain to start their venture with. This type of seed produces small dark marijuana seeds that are suitable for indoor growing. However, the disadvantage of using autoflowering strain is that it may be difficult to control its height.

Hybrid strains are better options for those who want to cross grow cannabis plants without too much hassle. However, these kinds of seeds are not recommended for newbies because it has been said that some hybrid strains are not as consistent as regular seed. Hybrid strains can produce a high yield, but it takes longer to mature and is more prone to disease. Hybrid cannabis is best suited for experienced grower who wants to have different crops under his or her care.

The main difference between regular seeds and autoflowering seeds is that autoflowering seeds contain more protein compared to regular cannabis seeds. Experts say that the protein content in regular cannabis seeds contain less protein than autoflowering strains. Experts also say that regular cannabis seeds are better sources of fiber, enzymes, and vitamins. However, it is still debatable whether the fiber content found in regular cannabis seeds are sufficient for daily consumption. Experts recommend consuming marijuana with about 50 percent protein. Autoflowering cannabis would provide a higher percentage of protein with less fiber content.

Since regular seed varieties are hard to germinate, it is easier to start marijuana plants from regular seeds. Growers who want to cultivate duplex plants would require two sets of regular seed for each plant. However, this option will not work well with flowering females. If you want to cross breed flowering and non-flowering plants, it would be best to use regular cannabis seeds to produce male and female plants.

Hybridization with regular cannabis seeds is possible but has yet to be proven as effective. It is also not clear whether feminized cannabis seeds have distinct properties from regular seeds, since no significant studies have been made on their effects. Some breeders may continue to breed their plants using regular and feminized cannabis seeds in an attempt to improve the yield and quality of the plant.

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