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A common error among beginning marijuana consumers is assuming they can pick the best strains from the local drug store or garden center. This is an expensive way of acquiring a quality plant, one that you may spend more time caring for than smoking. If you truly want the most energizing strain you can find, you need to pay more attention to what type of marijuana you grow yourself. The two types of marijuana are Indica and Sativa, and the type that will give you the most energy and make you feel like you are on top of the world are the Indica.


Short, stubby, with thick, fat little leaves, Indica pot plants knock you out cold and leave you too tired to move throughout the day. Best Indica seeds selection bonus #1 Top Indica strains compared to Sativa strains are that Sativa produces a stupendous high, but the body effects of this high are often less intense than Indica. This may sound bad, but the truth is that it is just as energizing. Sativa also has a tendency to put you in a “high,” however this effect often wears off rather quickly when the plant is physically exercised. It is much easier to exercise the body when you are physically fit.

For this reason, many new hybrid marijuana growers prefer to start with indica instead of sativa. There is a slight difference between the two, but in general indica tends to be a little milder and therefore, less “stinky.” When starting out an indoor garden, an indica grower should not have much concern with the type of “kick” the hybrid produces. The only thing an indica grower should be concerned about is if the “kick” is noticeable and excessive, or not noticeable enough.

There are three main types of indoor growing: indica, sativa, and hybrid. I would advise potential cannabis seed producers to pick a particular strain and stick to it. Some good advice from other seed producers would be to choose cannabis seeds that you personally prefer, and go for that strain.

Indica plants, as we have already mentioned, are considered the more “energetic” of the three different types of plants. These plants produce more “cannabis pollen,” (sometimes called “breath} than any other type of herb. This pollen has unique properties, one of which is that it can induce a feeling of well being, calmness, and even “glow” to the user.

Sativa, also known as Hops, are the second most prolific type of herb. While they are often thought of as having a “fiery” taste, this isn’t true. The taste of Sativa marijuana seeds is more woodsy, with a hint of hay and piney flavors. These seeds can be used in a number of different ways; however, one of the best ways to consume them is by smoking. To get the maximum benefits from smoking, you should only smoke when you are in the mood. Otherwise, the effects may be diminished.

Hybrid cannabis plants are the third type of indoor growing herb. These plants are more rare than other strains but are highly desirable due to their hardiness and potency. These cannabis strains produce small amounts of smoke, but produce large amounts of powerful psychoactive “THC” when in a bud form. Some of the most popular hybrid strains include Lemon Hips, Lemon Sicily, and English Cushion. Due to their unusual structure, many of these cannabis plants are very difficult to harvest, and producing buds is rather labor-intensive.

The female plants rarely produce any buds. If they do, it will be small, roughly one centimeter in diameter. If you’re growing these plants indoors, you’ll need to mist them every day with a light mist and keep an eye on their flowering. If you want to harvest your plant, you can cut off about one inch of the female plants stem at a time and then pinch the flower just above the cut. This will allow you to pull the flower, and its seed, out.

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