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The Disadvantages of Regular Seeds

If you are new at home gardening, you should try growing cannabis with regular seeds. This kind of cannabis seedling can produce both female or male plants. This is so, naturally, a 50 percent chance that both the plant will come from one sex or the other. However, not everything here is negative, in fact, all the advantages that regular seeds provide you is also the chance to propagate the plants by creating seeds with both the sexes. It is one great advantage that is worth to take note of.

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Aside from this, there are other benefits that you can take from these feminized seeds. One thing that you need to consider is the variety of cannabis that you have. There are certain types that require specific environments and climates. In case if you are just starting out on your own, it is best that you go for feminized varieties that you can grow under your own climate conditions.

With regular seeds, it is possible to propagate the plants with ease but the chance of it bearing fruit is low. This is because with regular plants, only female plants are usually used in cultivating. This is why there are so many advantages if you opt for feminized seeds. The advantages are as follows:

– It is quite easier to grow as compared to regular seeds. Since there are only female flowers, the male can be planted instead. As a result, the grower has to do less maintenance when it comes to tending to the plant. All the care that is needed to cultivate the male flower can be given to the female one. Since the grower is not handling any male plant, it is also possible to grow more varieties of cannabis plant.

– It is also possible to control the levels of CBD present in the cannabis seeds. When regular seeds have one hundred percent CBD, feminized seeds have up to seventy percent CBD. This is attributed to the process of trans-residue. When the CBD is removed from the cannabis seeds, it is separated into two categories. One contains lower percentage of CBD and another one has high CBD.

– It is also possible to increase the yield of cannabis plants if it has been grown with feminised seeds. With regular seeds, it is quite difficult to get five grams of buds or leaves. However, when the plants are feminized, it becomes easy to get yields that range between ten and twenty grams of buds. This is because the trans-residue is not removed from the male plants. This means that when the female flowers bloom, the male plant can be dispersed and the yield will be higher than if the plant had remained intact. The yield of the crop will therefore be higher.

The yield of cannabis is also affected by factors like the quality of soil, climate and the breed of the plant. However, the results are improved with feminized seed. The growers therefore prefer to grow the plant under the regular seeds so that they do not have to face the issues that crop due to the breeding of regular seeds. The hybrid marijuana is produced through a process of cross-breeding and it is easier to maintain than the regular version.

The disadvantages of breeding the cannabis plant with feminized seeds includes reduced yields. The plants do not always grow to the same height or with the same characteristics. The disadvantages of cross-breeding include reduced yields, reduced variety for the plant and loss of desirable characteristics of the hybrid. There are also chances that the plant might contain genetic defects, which could hamper its growth or cause other issues. It is therefore advised to avoid cross-breeding completely and use only feminized seeds for future cultivation.

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