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Indoor Growing Guide – Hybrid cannabis seeds

When growing cannabis, regular seed is required in large amounts to help the plant produce male flowers. Regular seeds when germinating can produce female or male plants which is seen only when flowering starts. Some hybrids do well with regular seed but are more inclined to produce female plants. Growing regular seed will seem a little tedious for most gardeners as most growers prefer to take male plants from their gardens and tend to remove male plants once the flowering season starts.

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Regular seeds for cannabis plants will produce seeds at a faster pace when grown under the right conditions. Some of the different types of cannabis seeds are Sativa Dominant, Indica and Hybrids. The Sativa dominant type will produce fast flowering time cannabis plants while the Indica type will give a slower rate of growth. Hybrid seeds are of two types the first being Sativa/Paragon and second being Sativa/ crosses.

It is important that you pick a good Sativa dominant type of cannabis seed. This type is known to produce potent strains of cannabis. The first strain of sativa was derived from a crossing of indica and calcarea profunda and is highly prized because of its highly stimulating nature. The other strain has been derived from hybridization between sativa and calcarea profunda with the result being the highly prized hybrid known as hybrid sweetleaf.

Many strains of cannabis have now been crossed with indicas so that the user is able to get a better experience. Some people prefer using indica over sativa due to its milder effect. Some would even cross indicas with their favorite strains such as Lemon Thai or Lemon Sicily to create new hybrids. Some buds are easier to grown with indica than calcarea. Hybrid seeds are available in many colors, some of which are almost indistinguishable from indica. These seeds are much easier to germinate and tend to produce flowers that are more compact and bushy.

It can be very difficult to tell the difference between regular seed and hybrid seeds when growing indoors. Regular seeds are available at all supermarkets and garden centers. They also come in many different varieties. Hybrid seeds can be purchased from a range of sources including online stores and health food stores. The best way to differentiate regular seed from hybrid is to carefully look at the plant.

indica is the most common type of hybrid cannabis found in Australia with almost 90% of the plants being Sativa. Sativa is native to the country with a strong history and many hybrid strains have been developed by keeping track of historical records. Some of the indica varieties that are most popular are the Australian Black, Brazilian Blue, French Bud, Dutch Treat, English Ivy, Mexican Maui, Oriental Maui and Thai Maui. Although they all have the similar attractive leaves and flowers and same mother plant they differ in flowering time, height, structure, size, potency and habit of growth.

Regular seeds are normally used for producing short stem indoor plants such as indoor bonsai plants. Hybrid plants produced from these regular seeds are usually used for producing hardy outdoor flowering plants such as indoor bonsai and Hawaiian Hibiscus. Flowering time for these plants ranges between one month to two years depending on the size of the plants. They should be kept under control light with care for their roots.

Hybrid cannabis seeds are becoming increasingly popular and are now available at reputable seed shops. Buyers should always check the identification of the variety they are buying to ensure it is a regular seed, and not a hybrid. To ensure consistent flowering of the plants it is best to start small and grow the plants over a number of months.

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