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How to Grow Marijuana Seeds – Everything You Need to Know About Growing Your Own Marijuana

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How to Grow Marijuana Seeds – Everything You Need to Know About Growing Your Own Marijuana

Buying cannabis seeds is like buying a lottery ticket. They are unpredictable, will never be the same and have a mind of their own. But where do they come from? And most importantly, how do you buy them? The following article will attempt to answer these important questions.

Many people start with seed ordering direct from growers. However, this can often times lead to very high cost per seed and many times hidden shipping costs. Some growers offer free seeds, but then require you to buy additional items to make up the cost of the free seeds. For some, this is a legitimate way to get the product without paying full price, but be sure to check out the requirements first.

Other growers offer a price match guarantee or a discount. In addition to providing a higher quality product at a lower price, they hope that you will order other products from them as well in the future, thus multiplying your profits and possibly eliminating the need for a price match or discount. Be wary of companies offering either of these because you could easily be wasting money by paying for seed that you won’t be using.

If the price match option doesn’t work, or you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the cannabis seed that you order, many growers and seed companies offer an image lightbox. An image lightbox is basically a glass case that allows the cannabis seed to be potted, so you receive the benefits of indoor growing, without the mess, humidity and other issues associated with outdoor growing. The idea behind this method is to allow the cannabis seed to germinate and reproduce naturally, so you’re getting the highest quality product with the least amount of work. Germination times vary, depending on the specific species of cannabis seed used.

Most reputable growers will provide information about their germination process, including whether it takes several days to get an image lightbox full of healthy plants, or if it only takes a day or two. They will also explain what happens after the seeds are delivered, whether you need to provide tropical plants or other climates, and answer any questions about timing and weather. Some growers offer seeds specifically for gardeners who want to start small, and grow a few plants, then eventually graduate to larger plants for sale, or replant.

Just like seeds obtained from traditional sources, cannabis plant seed comes in a variety of strains. Some are fast growing, or hardy, or disease resistant. Some have true leaves, or stems. Some don’t have true leaves, or stems, or even seeds at all! That information should be included with each seed offered, so you know what to expect before purchasing.

Many growing facilities include seeds in their catalogs and advertising campaigns, but many also offer them separately. Some seed packets come with complete instructions, making it easy for a novice grower to get started. Other packets are self-directed, with detailed instructions and a detailed chart detailing time required to germinate each plant. You should always buy your marijuana seeds from a reputable source, and make sure to inspect the package carefully before you buy. Look carefully for deformed or missing seeds, and if the packaging looks plastic, you should probably think again.

Most of these packets will provide detailed instructions for the types of temperature and light conditions each strain is adapted to, and should also mention whether or not a female plant should be started, since only a female plant can produce viable seeds. Make sure to buy a package that lists each plant’s “coming attractions,” because that information will help you choose which plants to start in succession, and avoid disappointment if a particular one doesn’t produce. And, unless you’re experienced, purchase only female marijuana seeds, since it takes four to six months for a male plant to produce seeds, and the process can be quite lengthy if it’s the first time trying a male plant. Once you have fully grown a substantial number of plants, you can try different varieties, but keep in mind that each variety is going to take a bit longer to grow than the ones immediately before it.

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