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Types Of Marijuana And Their Varieties

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Types Of Marijuana And Their Varieties

Marijuana is one of the most popular strains in use today. Regular seeds are easy to obtain and relatively cheap. Many expert growers also recommend that newcomers begin their first couple of cultivation efforts with regular seeds. Beginners are likely to make many mistakes, which means regular seeds are cheap and easy to replace.

WHY IT’S BEEN MUCH SUCCESSFUL FOR SMALL PHYSICOIDS AND GRIMMAGES: For years, regular seeds were used as a medium for breeding marijuana plants, creating hybrid varieties. These hybrid varieties have enabled small farmers to cultivate cannabis indoors. However, it wasn’t until recently that feminized seeds were created. Feminized seeds do not result in cross pollination, as regular seeds do, which has helped marijuana breed a lot faster than with traditional breeding techniques.

disadvantages of autoflowering seeds: The disadvantage of using autoflowering seeds is that they can only be used as a support in the flowering part of the marijuana plant. They will not support the growth of the marijuana plant during the later stages of its life cycle. There are also some disadvantages to using autoflowering seeds. The autoflowering seed will stop producing buds if the temperature outside drops below a certain point.

WINTER OF LIFE: Autoflowering seeds are better suited for shorter flowering periods because they’re unable to sustain the high temperatures required for flowering. This means that during the winter, regular ones are better at providing sustenance to the marijuana plant than autoflowering ones. They provide a good base of nourishment to the growing buds and can be used over a period of time in order to improve the quality and yield of the finished plant.

REPRODUCTIVE SEEDS: These are better suited to provide the marijuana plant with sustenance throughout its life. They work very well in this capacity because they can sustain the high temperature requirements during the growing period. Mother plants can live up to four years without needing any maintenance. This has made them very popular among people who want to grow a large number of marijuana plants. Regular seeds don’t have the capability of sustaining the kind of environment that mother plants require in order to grow and blossom.

LIFETIME REPOTENTIOUS: It is not uncommon for novice marijuana growers to select regular seeds and use them in their plantings. The intention behind this practice is usually to grow fast and minimize their efforts. They feel that by maximizing the speed at which they can sprout, they can get away with minimal care and attention. This is however an outdated strategy that has many disadvantages. In fact, regular seeds do not provide the same advantages that female plants do.

FEMORALIZED SEEDS: Although they are known as regular seeds, they are considerably superior and more advantageous than female plants in every respect. Some of the major advantages of these are that they are easier to cultivate. Also, they offer better advantages in terms of pest control and superior pest management. Many modern crop breeders use the feminized seeds for successful indoor and outdoor cultivation.

COLORED SEEDS: This is the combination of regular seeds with a color twist. These varieties of marijuana are known by different names including Indian blanket, Colombian tallow, Mexican sativa and Colombian cannabino. All these have one thing in common and that is their high potency. Because of their high potency they have been banned in some regions but they are still cultivated extensively by indoor and outdoor breeders. These varieties offer higher yields and have a high resin content which makes them addictive.

BANNER SEEDS: Another form of regular seeds are those with a red bloom on the top. These varieties are not easily available because they are still largely being developed. As of now, they are mostly resistant to common diseases and pests but they are not completely immunity from other diseases. They also produce lower quality buds than other types of marijuana. This has been one of the main drawbacks of this variety.

PINCHED SEEDS: This type of marijuana is a cross between regular seeds and feminized seeds. This produces female flowers but the male flowers are stunted and smaller. These have been one of the main reasons why they have been introduced in the market. Since the marijuana plant is considered as indoor grown plant it has been prohibited to produce female plants. However, several companies have introduced new strains that have made feminized seeds more popular.

Another reason why these varieties have become popular is because they produce female plants with bigger flowers. In most cases, they are not easy to produce and require more care from its owners. It is not easy to keep them growing because they need constant care. Some people do not like the fact that they cannot produce large number of flowers. They prefer using regular seeds because they produce large quantity of flowers.

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