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Indoor Marijuana Seeds – Creating Stunning Plants


Indoor Marijuana Seeds – Creating Stunning Plants

If you’re looking for a great strain to start with, look no further than Sativa. This particular variety is one of the easiest to grow and is highly recommended by most people who have experimented with indoor growing. In fact, it’s probably better than Indica and Humbug for indoor growing.

Naturally, there are many hardy Sativa plants to grow, especially if the specific strain is Sativa and that means that you’ll need to have a good deal of patience when choosing which plants to use in your indoor garden. The two species aren’t that much different when it comes to how easy they are to care for. Simply put, the more often the plants are watered the better. This is not only dependent upon whether the particular strain is Sativa or indica but more importantly on the kind of seed and other traits possessed by the two species. As such, indica autoflowering cannabis sativa plants will normally be easier to cultivate since they reach the flowering point much sooner and require a much less complicated light cycle, which in turn means that less space is needed.

There are a few main differences between the two. Most significantly, however, are the physical and mental state and behavior traits. In terms of physical growth, indicas grow taller and have narrower leaves while sativa grow shorter and wider with more densely packed leaves. In addition to height and size, however, the two main differences are in the way that the plants behave. While sativa generates a higher percentage of “buds,” or little buds that contain just the small portion of marijuana matter that is actually needed for marijuana smoking, indicas generally produce longer stem and bushy leaves.

It is this genetic distinction that underpins the use of marijuana seeds as such in certain parts of the world. Sativa and indica, it is believed, are closely related genetically but with very different psychological traits. The latter breeders tend to nurture their seeds and take care of them, whereas the former do not take kindly to stress or pressure and their marijuana seeds often do not reach full bud stage. But it is this psychological difference, it appears, that is the root cause of the long standing tradition of using marijuana seeds as a source. Even though it is widely accepted that the genetic makeup of marijuana seed plants tends to produce a stronger, healthier marijuana plant, the fact remains that many people crave its strong characteristics and cannot seem to find a substitute. Hence the seeds of sativa and indica naturally satisfy the demand.

But how do we know that the plant we are eating is actually producing the substance we want? We can test the chemical composition of the plant by extracting its pollen or its oil from the leaves. The only real way of confirming the psychoactive effect of a weed is by tracking its flowering phase, when the plant decides to bear leaves and start growing. The flowering phase is the time when the flowering buds reach their maximum size and begin to change color. This is also the time when they are at their strongest and therefore the most efficient test can be used.

In testing marijuana, the flower heads should be removed carefully, removing any that may have been attached to the petals for feeding the plants during their flowering phase. The amount of time the flowers grow in the flowering phase is measured in hours. If the flower reaches its maximum height in an hour, then it is a good sign and the crop is considered a positive one. However, it may also grow too tall if it has not grown to its maximum in hours; in this case it would be considered a negative one, and the yield indoors would be poor.

But it is important to note that some plants do not reach their full potential until after one season. These are known as short-season strains and have a much lower yield indoors. Most often these are found in marijuana farms where they are crossed with conventional strains to create super strains. Indica and hybrids are crossbred to create the Sativa strains with very strong energizing qualities.

Hybrid cannabis strains have been crossbred with traditional plants for hundreds of years and their results show many results. The results reveal that hybrid plants can out produce high yield plants of the same genus when grown in outdoor conditions under similar light conditions. Some of the best hybrid cannabis strains are: Purple Coneflower, Hawaiian Papaya, French Champagne, Hawaiian Diesel, Russian Cosmos, Colombian Blueberry and English Ivy. With a little care, it is possible to create very efficient indoor plants with the traits of the world’s most successful outdoor plants.

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