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Haze, a super-hybrid, California-grown perennial with dense, full-bodied foliage, is often used in indoor, outdoor, tall growing varieties. It has become one of California’s best-selling outdoor herbs at shops and boutiques all over the state. Haze was originally developed as a cross of Jamaican and Highland genetics. The dense foliage gives this perennial weed its name. Haze is also a popular indoor hybrid for indoor gardens.

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Haze is actually a cross of two perennial herbs: Humpotassium lectularius and calendula officinalis. Humpotassium is a native plant found in southwestern Mexico and southern Arizona while calendula is common in England, Ireland and Western Europe. The hybrid plants were crossed to create Haze, a versatile perennial with a beautiful full-bodied bluish-green foliage and fragrant flowers. Calendula is also a popular indoor crop. These two plants make ideal candidates for cultivation with the Ruderalis cultivar, which can tolerate high temperatures and dry soil better than other types of annuals.

Cultivating Haze indoor crops is relatively simple and inexpensive when compared to most autoflowering perennials. This type of perennial is able to tolerate some drought and has proven resilient against some common pests. In addition, you do not need to fertilize Haze often. With a high demand from consumers and a low supply of autoflowering seeds, breeding your own herb garden with Haze and Ruderalis is a smart way to ensure an abundant harvest.

Some of the most popular indoor crops grown indoors with Haze are calendula, rocket, chrysanthemum, daffodil, fuchsia, tulips and daisy. Most feminized seeds available on the market come with instructions that tell you how to cultivate them properly. However, for those who do not follow instructions closely, it is still possible to achieve excellent results with regular seed varieties. Those who grow their own plants will find that there is a high level of control available using feminized seeds.

For example, Haze and Ruderalis varieties will tend to have higher potency than the regular cannabis seeds used for indoor gardening. The potency levels achieved with the Sativa strain seeds are approximately one and a half times as potent as those offered by the Indica category. However, the highest potency strains tend to be difficult to find and are rarely sold in regular seed catalogues. Those who grow regular cannabis seeds using the Sativa or Indica categories will tend to have lower potency levels than those who choose the hybrid or non-hybrid options. Many professional breeders make their selections based on the amount of time and effort that is put into the selection process. Some of the more popular Sativa strains in the marketplace include Lemon balm, Cheese, French vanilla and Lemon haze.

The two other popular Indicas that are commonly used in California include the black widow and white widow. Both of these choices have demonstrated record crop growth rates over the past decade. The black widow is often used as a replacement for commercial cannabis and is now readily available in a number of California green shops. The white widow, which is also known as the Mr. Nice Seed, has proven to produce crops similar to those produced by the hybrid variety.

As with other products with a high concentration of estrogen, some people will react differently to taking feminized seeds. Some may experience headaches, mood swings, anxiety or severe nausea. This is usually a temporary side effect and does subside once the plant is finished being feminized. Some people prefer to harvest cannabis plants from the top because the flowers are likely to be higher producing than those on the bottom. If you are growing regular seeds, make sure to harvest them before they become too heavy.

Like regular cannabis seeds, the process of feminization involves extensive preparation steps. Cultivators are required and additional equipment such as water hoses and lighting systems are needed. Many feminized marijuana seeds can be located at your local hydroponic store. However, you may also find these types of products are no longer available; select stores will often carry only original products.

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