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Autoflowering to Grow Feminized Canna Plants Inside

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Autoflowering to Grow Feminized Canna Plants Inside

Regular seed packages contain endless possibilities for aspiring growers to experiment. Both of those classes are relatively new developments when you think about how humans have grown cannabis for thousands of years. Regular cannabis seeds are usually produced when a mature male cannabis plant consumes a female cannabis flower.

The females can be feminized seeds while the males are known as “fast growing” seeds. When they cross, or cross pollinate, with another plant it will result in new life. This new life is often much quicker growing than the plants that came before it. Some of the newer methods used for feminized seeds can produce plants that are faster growing than ever before. These plants, called “hybrid marijuana”, are often used in indoor growing environments.

In contrast, regular cannabis seeds using feminized seeds take a bit longer to mature. Usually they take four months from planting to making it to flowering. If you’re hoping to harvest your buds before then, you’ll have to wait. Some people prefer to harvest before flowering but for those people, there is another selection available for them.

Many growers have started experimenting with feminized cannabis seeds. They are hoping to find a way to get high with less of a head trip. Some people even enjoy the lack of a trip at all, which makes it easier to relax and go to sleep at night. For many growers, this would mean using regular seed but instead putting the females into feminized plants. Growers are finding that with the shorter growing time of the females, they can actually be harvested sooner than average and produced a more potent final product. While some grower’s may not find this to be appealing, many growers are experimenting with the new found technology and see the benefits.

Most of the time, feminized cannabis seeds will not take as long to mature as regular cannabis seeds produced from a male plant. This means that the plants will produce a higher quality crop. Typically it takes up to eight weeks for a plant to complete development and then bloom. This is why some choose to harvest earlier. They can then enjoy the benefits of having a full crop without the worry of it going to waste. Many female plants won’t flower for the first few months and instead develop a head of flowers, called pistils, along with flowers on top.

The only downside to feminized seed is that it doesn’t offer any protection from harmful male plant pollen. Male plants produce pollen that can cause allergic reactions in both males and females. This often results in irritation and sore throats in both sexes. This can easily happen if you’re allergic to plant pollen from other plants as well, so you should consider getting to know your fellow plants if you’re sensitive.

Using autoflowering is a good alternative to avoid this hassle. With autoflowering, you simply choose the best flowering buds to place in your autoflowering bags, choose a temperature that’s right for your plant, and wait. You can then watch your feminized cannabis seeds reproduce like crazy. Some experts even recommend that you simply leave your feminized buds outside throughout the season in order to get them ready for flowering in early spring.

There are no special requirements needed to start growing these plants. However, you’ll need to provide a good growing environment so they’ll grow properly. Make sure you have plenty of sunlight and good temperature levels. If you’re growing outdoors, be sure to mulch your plants to keep the roots from drying out.

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