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Pros and Cons of Indoor Marijuana Strain

When pollen from an outdoor male cannabis plant fertilises an indoor female plant, regular seed packets are created. The joining of female and male genetics enables the generation of new seeds to start the process of seeds formation. Regular seeds will also deliver the same genetics as nature intended, creating healthy crops both male and females. It is important to note though that these plants will not grow taller or heavier than regular cannabis plants unless the male plants are crossed with Sativa plants.

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Indoor growers often cross their Sativa with other strong herb seeds. This creates new hybrids that are very suited to indoor growing conditions. Some examples of hybrid seeds produced by this method include Lemon Herb, Moroccan Herbs, Lemon Tree (Citrus maxima), African Daisy (Citrus reticulata) and Cheese Plant (Pagulus glutinosa). These new hybrid seeds are very potent and should only be used by experienced indoor growers and breeders. Many indoor growers and breeders have been successful with producing their own unique flavours in combination with their cannabis seeds.

Indoor growers can produce quality crops by crossbreeding two different cannabis strains. indica and sativa are the two types of cannabis strain seeds that are most often crossed to create new hybrids. It is possible to get almost any type of cannabis from either of the two breeds, however it is more often the indica which is the more favoured with growers. indica is also the strongest of all three types of cannabis strain seeds and produces the highest quality buds. While some would argue that indica is better for producing strong buds and dense, large stems, there are many professional grower who will agree that indica produces the most amazing and powerful buds.

Sativa is a less favored choice for crossbreeding between indica and sativa strains. Sativa is one of the three main species of cannabis plants and although it produces smaller and lesser buds than indica, it is a popular choice with many indoor growers because it is easier to nurture and control. Crossbreeding between sativa and indica can lead to some amazing hybrid crops; however, the results from breeding seeds from sativa and indica is unpredictable and may not always result in noticeable differences between the resulting crops. Many growers end up with poor crops simply because they cannot control the genetics of the plants or they simply do not know how to do it correctly.

Hybrid Strain The third type of cannabis seed used for crossbreeding is the hybrid strain. These plants are simply a variation on a parent plant and are very difficult to breed, unless you have access to a greenhouse space. The best hybrid strains to try and get are those which have a lot of beneficial qualities that make them unique to each other. They usually show outstanding growth characteristics that are hard to duplicate with any other strain. Most hybrid strains will also have a high yield which makes them ideal for indoor growing indoors.

Regular Seed A good place to find regular seeds is at your local seed banks. Seed banks will stock a wide range of strains and each has their own traits which distinguish them from one another. This can be a good way to get started, especially if you are just getting started with your garden. Just remember to take your time and to pay attention to details so that you are sure to get quality stock.

Autoflowering Strain The final type of indoor cannabis seed we will discuss is the autoflowering strain. This is a type of regular seed that will not result in leaves falling off. Autoflowering strains should be kept in plastic pots indoors and just left to bloom during the flowering period of the plants. During this time the plants will be producing large amounts of resin and as such there is nothing that the gardener can do to prevent the stems from falling off, but they will still be able to enjoy the beautiful flowers they produce.

This article has discussed the pros and cons of each indoor cannabis strain. They are popular for different reasons. Some are easier to grow than others and some are easier to maintain than others. By researching each type of strain you will be able to choose the right one for you and your indoor garden.

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