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Two Brands of cannabis Seed Bank

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Two Brands of cannabis Seed Bank

Buying cannabis seed is like buying beer or wine. It is an investment. Just like you would invest in property, in fact, you have to make money for property and in return you will earn revenue that can be used for expansion. Similarly, when you buy cannabis seeds, you will make money.

The most important point when you buy seeds online, or any other commodity for that matter, is quality. Quality matters. If you don’t believe it now, just consider the consequences of using sub-standard products. It won’t take long until you suffer health issues, financial problems, or worse.

One of the major brands you come across in a discreet cannabis seeds store is House of Flowers. This is a well known brand, based in Canada. It is one of the top selling brands in North America and has an international following. They are one of the very few companies that have managed to successfully cross the border into the United States. So, you know right there that they have the reputation to back up their excellent quality and the reputation of House of Flowers in general. It will be interesting to see their future, but from here, they definitely appear to be a leader.

Now let’s take a look at the other two major brands, as well. Growingoli and Medrol are two companies that also provide cannabis seeds online. Again, from what we have seen above, their business plan is sound. They are both respected brand names in their region, and have a good reputation for quality. In fact, in many respects, they are comparable to House of Flowers, in terms of production capabilities.

Both of these companies, though, have two different types of cannabis plants in stock. For example, growingoli has mostly feminized strains. Their brand overview states that their feminized strains are specially produced to give them the best results. Moc, on the other hand, focuses more on outdoor and indoor growing. In their brand overview, they highlight that their feminized plants come in both male and female forms.

Now here comes our brand analysis. What we find is that MOC has a strong history and a solid reputation. However, they seem to be a little behind in terms of having a strong online presence. On the flip side, House of Flowers seems to be the market leader in terms of their strong presence on the web.

We see MOC is slightly behind in terms of customer support. While they do offer free delivery to residents of the United Kingdom, they do not have anywhere near the same level of customer support offered by House of Flowers. House of Flowers seems to be the brand with the best customer support, but even they pale in comparison to MOC. This is largely due to the fact that MOC does not offer any seeds. Instead, all of their customers need to purchase fully packed and ready to plant plants from House of Flowers. As for House of Flowers customer support, it seems that they treat all of their customers well despite the fact that many of them cannot actually grow a single plant of cannabis.

In the end, our choice between Moc and House of Flowers boils down to whether or not you would like your cannabis seeds to be delivered discretely. We think that MOC has a much stronger brand because of their consistent delivery standards. But, if you’re looking for discreet packaging, House of Flowers might be a better option for you. Either way, we believe that you should take a close look at the two brands to make sure that you make an informed decision. Happy growing!

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