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The Basics of Regular Seed Vs Feminized Seed

Regular seeds from the crossing between an X and Y chromosome come from the natural crossing between a male and female so their DNA contains both genders, which makes them appear one of each. However, these same seeds have been shown to contain only one sex. A cross between two females does not result in the production of a regular seed, but instead produces a sperm that has half the Y chromosome from each parent. Sperm from an X and Y chromosome can only join with a female sperm.

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If you are wondering why regular seeds only come from one sex, just remember that the pollen from flowering plants contains both the Y chromosomes and the X chromosomes. The plants produce a compound called samosa, which is unique to each species. Samosa basically determines the gender of the flower so when you buy a flowering plant at the store, it might not have it unless you get it in a special kind of container that allows for “both” sexes to join.

When trying to grow your own marijuana seeds, make sure you buy ones that are specific to the type of marijuana you want to grow. Some types of buds are best started by buying loose, but not too dry, seeds. They are easier to work with since they can cling to the stalk of the plant, rather than being sunk into the ground. These are typically named towards the end of the flowering stem; for example, Dank, because it has a distinct dank aroma. However, some strains have Dank seeds along the stem and these should be started in smaller containers to allow you to see if they grow properly.

Some feminized seeds are also sold as regular seeds without being specifically labeled as female or male. These are commonly sold in larger containers and are not crossbred, so there is no way to tell which they are. Some companies may claim they are a cross between male and female, but this is extremely rare. Regardless, some companies sell them as a pure cross between the two genders. For example, Island Seeds sells Dank Jack, a feminized version of the popular St. Hubert marijuana strain, which was originally bred by workers at a pharmaceutical plant that made vitamin drugs.

When you’re growing regular seeds vs. feminized seeds vs. hydroponic growing, one thing you want to consider is the environment the plants will be growing in. Most Strain varieties require full sunlight, so make sure they don’t go into a tunnel or under a overhanging plant cover. Some of the best outdoor growing environments include evergreens, shrubs and bushes near a pool, garden pond, or any other structure that gets some sun throughout the day. Some indoor growing environments are more difficult to deal with, because most indoor plants need a dark environment to grow well. Some of the best indoor growing environments include taller growing plants like basil, borage, chervil, lavender, and chives.

While you’re considering various strains to begin with, it’s important to know that the right marijuana strain is important for getting the results you want. It’s possible to grow regular seeds vs. feminized seeds vs. hydroponic growing with one caveat – make sure the breeders aren’t showing you false information or are not telling you something that could be misleading you. In addition, some seed breeders sell their seeds only to professional growers, so when you buy a “bought” cannabis plant from one of these people, you don’t know if it’s actually a strain or hybrid. There are some companies that sell hybrid marijuana strains, but many times they’re just simply re-branding already-established strains.

When you’re thinking about which of the above strains are right for you, make sure you research the two main differences between regular seeds and feminized seeds. Regular seeds have their roots rooted in the same spot, so they don’t have to be rearranged as much as the feminized variety. The advantage of regular seeds is that you can move them around easily, but this is only true if you grow your plants in pots and not on a soil garden. If you grow your plants in pots, you’ll find that when you remove them to replant them, you do have to dig up and repot them. This could be problematic if you plan to move them around or transplant them.

The second difference between feminized cannabis seeds and regular seeds is that they have been treated with different types of “strain” to produce different qualities. Just because a particular type of cannabis seed has been bred for a particular result does not mean that it will provide that result. Regular seeds tend to be easier to germinate than some of the hybrid seeds, which is necessary if you’re looking for a fast start. Hybrids also offer some additional advantages as well. Hybrid cannabis strains tend to produce flowers or buds at a higher yield than most regular seed varieties, so they have a greater value to both grower and dealer.

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