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Regular seed packets, also known as regular seeds, are one of the most popular methods of producing high quality cannabis. When a cannabis grower produces seed by this method, the seed is not harvested or used immediately. It is instead passed through the plant’s system, from the bottom up, undergoing several stages of development, including light, heat, water and fertilization. Once the seed reaches a certain developmental stage, it is removed from the plant and sent to the grower who can then cultivate it into a usable plant, or pot, of a specific variety. Some seed packets contain an instructions list on how to best care for the cannabis plants they have created.

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Regular seed is created when a cannabis plant is pollinated by a male cannabis plant. Male pollen is contained within the stigma cells of the female plants and blown or carried by the wind (possibly by the caretaker of the grower or someone else who knows how to handle the plant) until it reaches the open stigmas on the female flowers. This pollen contains very little nutrients, but has the potential to be transformed into numerous types of highly concentrated nutrients. Some of these seeds are used to form new crops, others are used to amend a specific crop, such as an indoor berry. Many other seeds, when introduced into a plant, do not end up having any ill effects on the plant at all.

Vegetative stage. When the cannabis plants reach the vegetative stage, they are much closer to being ready to produce buds or leaves. The development of these additional growth forms depends largely on the time window taken to pass through the plants. It is during this stage that most of the nutrients contained in the original seeds have been metabolized or extracted by the plants’ own natural systems. However, with some plants, especially those that are highly sensitive to cold, heat or water stress, the release of these additional nutrients can be severely limited, or sometimes completely inhibited. There is also a possibility that some of the additional elements, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which would normally be released during the development of the main stems, may not be released at all.

Harvest. At this point, the plant will begin to undergo a process called dormancy. This means that the longer it is growing, the shorter its growing season will be, until it is ready to be harvested. The size of the marijuana plant will also be shorter after it is harvested for resale purposes, compared to its mature size.

Full development of the marijuana plant during the first two weeks after it has been sown will result in development of the fully developed seed. During this period, the main and developing stems should be used for support, as they are the ones that will make it easier to harvest. At this point, full development of the flower’s sensus is complete and production of its resin begins. The regular cannabis seeds used for cultivation will result in feminized cannabis seeds.

Feminized cannabis seeds have had special treatment to ensure feminization. In general, marijuana growers combine one male and one female plant to ensure the production of only one baby each time. When combining the plants, both plants are placed into a single potting medium with similar moisture levels and similar growing conditions. The idea is that the chances of either plant producing a normal pollen or petal is very slim, thus ensuring that feminized seeds have a better chance of being produced. When the plants finish producing pollen, both plants are separated and sent on to be sold as feminized seeds.

With the plant’s development complete, it is now time to send the crop into the greenhouse. Growers will need to set aside a good amount of time to allow for the greenhouse to heat up to temperatures suitable for marijuana growing. As the heating process begins, the growing medium will harden. The hardening process will continue until the desired temperature has been reached. At this point, the plant life in the greenhouse will enter into the final growing phase. Sensi will begin to grow and produce its highly concentrated cannabis buds.

For most home growers, getting the most efficient and potent marijuana crop is important. A regular seed dealer can provide the seeds and other tools necessary for achieving this goal. For those who have never grown cannabis before, it is important to research the process to get familiar with the entire growing and preparation process. Growers should take their time and learn all they can before sending their plants to the market. Sensi can produce very powerful and potent buds that are consistent in quality from seed to harvest. Growers should take their time, learn all they can, and understand the process before investing in their own supply.

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