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A seed is the embryonic plant covered with an outer covering. Seed plants reproduce by producing seeds. Gymnosperm and angiosperm plants produce seeds. A seed is just an embryo. Learn about the life cycle of a seed and how it forms. A flowering plant that produces seeds is a fruit. Some flowering plants can grow into thousands of seeds, but many do not. Some seed plants produce more than one seed per plant, and these are known as dioecious plants.


Seeds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are often triploid. Angiosperm seeds are usually triploid and have a thick, papery seed coat. The first step in creating a seed is double fertilization, in which two male gametes fuse with an egg cell. The seed coat then develops. A primary endosperm, which divides rapidly and forms an embryo, forms the center of the seed. The embryo feeds the young plant until its roots form.

Monocot seeds have a primary root that pushes out of the seed first. The seedling shoot emerges slowly from the seed, covered by a protective sheath called a coleoptile. As the seedling grows, the storage tissue diminishes. The seedling grows a branched root system and a taproot. Eventually, it will have true leaves, similar to mature leaves, which will begin photosynthesizing light.

Some seeds are more complex than others, and some contain appendages that attract animals to disperse them. Some seeds have hooks or barbs to attract animal dispersers, while others have sticky hairs, a protective coat, or wings that make them suitable for wind dispersal. This is why autoflower plants are more difficult to grow than their indica-dominant counterparts. This is because they require a higher-quality environment, and if the conditions are right, you’ll end up with a more successful harvest.

Indica seeds, on the other hand, are taller and have more leaves than sativa. Compared to sativas, indicas are shorter, have bushier growth and are more energetic. The onset of autumn is the best time to harvest the seeds. Most of the time, indicas bloom faster than sativas. This is due to the plants’ biological need to reproduce and spread genes. This results in distinct differences in the aroma and terpene profile of each plant.

The first seeds were cultivated about 370 million years ago in the upper Devonian period. These plants were also the first to develop true seeds. They were probably the first species to use these types of seeds. Despite this, seedlings can be classified as Sativa or Indica. Indicas are generally smaller than sativa, but they have broader dark-green leaves and bushier growth. They flower faster than sativas and can be harvested as fast as eight weeks. These differences in phenotypes make them popular with home growers.

Indica and sativa are the two most common types of marijuana seeds. The former is used for medical purposes, while the latter is used for recreational purposes. Both types of cannabis seeds have different effects, and the one that produces an energising high is more likely to give the desired effect. However, if you are looking for a cannabis strain, you will have to decide whether you want an indica.

A Sativa plant’s vegetative period begins slowly, and later, it grows more rapidly. It is non-woody and fibrous, and has a leaf with seven to twelve leaf pairs. The leaves of a Sativa are lighter in color, and it is not recommended to grow Sativa indoors. This strain is more suitable for indoors, where it will receive higher temperatures and more sunlight. This type of cannabis flower will produce a high THC level, and it will also cause your mind to think in fresh ways.

Indica cannabis plants are easier to grow than their Sativa counterparts. Sativas are more tolerant of cold environments and require less lighting and heating. For indoor cultivation, a Sativa plant should have a temperature between five and eighty degrees Fahrenheit. It should also be kept between 65% and 75% humidity. A Sativa grows best in high-light environments. These plants produce flowers with an indica flavor.

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