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How to Grow Cannabis From Regular Seed

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While autoflowering cannabis seed strains are relatively easy to grow, regular seed strains can be difficult to manage. They both have specific watering, temperature, and humidity needs. It’s important to research the needs of your particular strain before starting a new plant. The following are some tips to help you grow your cannabis successfully:

Regular seeds are cheaper than feminized seeds, but they also yield half male plants. Growers typically discard these male plants, so it’s better to buy seeds that are half female and half male. Regular seeds offer the same genetics as feminized seeds, so it’s worth the effort to remove the male plants when they sprout. Regular seeds can also be used for breeding new strains and clones. Regular seeds are more reliable and durable, but they won’t provide a feminized plant.

If you’re growing cannabis from regular seed, you can leave your seedlings on the windowsill for as long as 5 weeks under 18/6. While you can’t guarantee that every seedling will flower, regular cannabis seedlings will exhibit tiny preflowers. Once flowering begins, these preflowers will reveal their sex. If you’re not sure which one you want, consider feminised seeds. But remember, there are some people who enjoy the aroma of regular seeds.

Regular cannabis seeds are ideal for breeding. They will produce more seeds than feminized ones, and can be used for breeding. Regular cannabis seeds are cheaper than feminized ones, and will compensate for the losses of culling the male plants. In addition to that, they’re easier to maintain. If you plan on culling your buds, you should opt for regular seeds. They’ll yield you more plants in fewer years, which can be beneficial to you as a cannabis grower.

While feminized seeds can produce more potent plants, regular cannabis seeds are still the most reliable. Regular cannabis seeds will survive stress and other factors better than feminized ones. They also have lower chances of turning into hermaphrodites. Regular cannabis seeds are not a good option if you’re growing only for aesthetics. If you’re unsure about whether or not feminized seeds are the best option for your needs, don’t hesitate to ask your grower.

Regular seeds are not genetically engineered. They behave the same way as photoperiod feminised seeds, except that they will produce half male plants. Regular seeds are commonly used by experienced cannabis growers who are interested in pollinating and breeding female plants. If you’re interested in doing both, you can set up separate grow rooms for male and female plants to prevent accidental pollen release. The female plants will be fertilised before they produce any seed, but will be able to pollinate each other.

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