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Regular Seeds For Growing Marijuana

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If you’re growing marijuana, you’ll need to know what regular seeds are and which to avoid. Regular seeds are easier to grow than feminized ones because they contain a proportion of male and female plants. Male plants produce a large number of new seeds while females reproduce by crossing with each other. In addition, regular seeds tend to germinate faster. A common misconception about marijuana seeds is that regular seed varieties are sterile, so they can be used to produce clones.

The benefits of regular seeds are countless. Regular seeds come from original varieties, so you can be sure that the plants are not genetically modified. Regular seeds can produce violet phenotypes, super-productive phenotypes, and great height. Collectors prefer to use regular seeds because they give them endless possibilities. However, you should note that regular seeds are sold as collector’s items, so it’s best to check local laws and regulations to make sure you can grow them in your area.

Another advantage of regular seeds is that they produce 50% female plants, which are useful for breeding purposes. This is especially beneficial for old-school growers, or people who want to create a hybrid or cross. Regular seeds have a variety of uses in marijuana breeding, from cross-breeding to making marijuana oil. Dutch Passion, for example, maintains an extensive collection of regular seeds, including breeding lines that are rare and difficult to find. Many smaller seed companies also use regular seeds, which are completely natural and not altered in any way to favour female plants.

Regular cannabis seeds are generally best for breeding, as they have more seeds than feminized strains. Regular seeds allow you to grow a wider variety of cannabis plants and produce more flowers and buds. Regular cannabis seeds also cost less than feminized ones, and this helps you compensate for any loss associated with culling male plants. It’s also cheaper than feminized seeds, so you can’t lose too much by purchasing regular seeds.

Regular cannabis seeds are a gamble, since they’re equal in chances of producing a male or a female plant. While breeding with regular cannabis seeds can be tricky, the end result is worth it. With feminized seeds, the only way you can ensure you get only female cannabis plants is to buy female seed varieties. This way, you can avoid the stress of destroying male plants in the early flowering phase. You can even use hemp seeds to produce hemp seed oil.

When it comes to selecting cannabis seeds, the difference is not so important. Regular seeds tend to be more resilient than feminized varieties, and they handle stress better. Regular cannabis seeds are less likely to turn hermaphrodites than feminized ones, but they are still worth considering. A reliable breeder should always guarantee seeds. It’s also crucial to remember that regular seeds do require more work than feminized ones.

If you want to purchase feminized seeds, you can opt for the MSNL value-pack mixes, which contain a range of strains. This helps newcomers experiment with different strains and decide on which one suits their needs. MSNL offers secure and discreet shipping. Customers can pay for their seeds with their credit/debit cards, postal orders, or bitcoin. In case you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return your seeds within 30 days of dispatch. Just make sure you return them in their original condition.

Regular cannabis seeds can grow on a photoperiodic schedule, which means that they switch from vegetative to flowering depending on the amount of sunlight they receive. Autoflowering seeds, on the other hand, don’t require this light shift and flower automatically. It’s also more cost-effective than feminized ones. However, regular cannabis seeds may not grow as quickly. They need to be nurtured well to produce the best buds, so you should plant them as soon as possible after they’re sprouted.

Another method to grow regular cannabis seeds is to use paper towels. This method involves spreading seeds onto a plate, using a paper towel to cover the seeds. Alternatively, you can place a second plate on top to create a protective dome for them. In either case, you’ll have a 50% chance of producing a female plant. When it’s mature, it will produce either a male or female plant. These seeds are best used for indoor cultivation, though.

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