Best Regular Seeds

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Regular Cannabis Seeds

regular seeds

Regular seeds are cheaper than feminized seeds, but this doesn’t mean that regular seeds are of inferior quality. The downside to regular seeds is that they often produce half male plants, which many growers will discard. However, the genetics of the female plants from regular seeds are just as desirable as those from feminized seeds.

Regular seeds are highly potent and produce a heavy crop on the first harvest. They can also be reused for the next crop. Moreover, because regular seeds are so strong and hardy, they are also easily fused with other strains to create new strains. This can increase yields while maintaining the original potency.

Regular seeds are also known as non-feminized seeds, and are the best choice if you’re not a seasoned plant enthusiast. These seeds will produce a male and female cannabis plant. You’ll have to separate the male plant early to get a female plant. Regular seeds also don’t produce dual-sex plants, so they’re ideal for the beginner grower.

Autoflower seeds are also preferred by growers who need a quick harvest. Indoors, they can mature in 10-11 weeks with twenty hours of sunlight per day, and outdoors, they can finish the growth cycle within 100 days. In addition, these seeds are self-flowering, meaning they’ll bloom automatically after five or six weeks, and they don’t require a grower to make any changes to their light cycle.

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