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Regular seed is a more cost-effective way to grow cannabis than feminized seeds. However, regular seeds produce about half male plants, which growers usually throw away. Nevertheless, the genetics of female plants from regular seeds are just as desirable as those from feminized seeds. Here are some advantages of regular seeds:

Amnesia Lemon: This sativa cultivar’s aroma is full of citrus notes like lemon, orange, tangerine, and grapefruit. Those who try it report pleasant effects and a relaxed state of mind. Jilly Bean regular cannabis seeds are near-perfect hybrids with aromas of mangoes and tangerine. It produces dense, euphoric buds and a high THC content.

Regular seeds are also more robust: they can produce a heavy yield in the first harvest, which means they can be used again to grow the next crop. Regular seeds are also easily fused with other strains to produce stronger plants. Regular seeds are especially useful for hybridization, as they allow the grower to fuse two strong strains to form a new hybrid that has higher yields and potency while preserving the potency of the original strain.

The genetics of cannabis seeds vary, and so it is important to understand what each one has before choosing a cannabis seed. It is best to start your grow with Feminized Autoflowering seeds, and then move on to Regular seed. Whether you prefer to make a hybrid or not, these varieties are ideal for your growing needs.

Regular seed has a low M/F ratio. It means that approximately 66% of regular cannabis seeds will produce female plants. This means that a grower can produce smokable buds and seeds in the same season if they have the proper experience. But you should remember that you should separate male plants from female ones, and not mix them in the same container. If you do not know how to separate them, they can fertilize the whole garden and leave you without a harvest.

Regular seeds are often referred to as the originals. They are not genetically modified and are as strong as feminised ones. Regular seeds have been used for thousands of years, and have an unlimited number of potential. They can also be grown indoors or outdoors, and are suitable for a variety of growing conditions. So, if you want a male/female hybrid, regular seeds may be your best choice.

Dutch Passion offers the finest regular seeds. This company has over 30 years of breeding experience and aims to provide a unique experience for growers who want to grow original cannabis genetics. They ship discreetly and provide 24-hour shipping. Their regular seed collection includes a range of legendary cannabis genetics, including the White Widow, Blueberry, Mazar, Skunk #1, Durban Poison, and Euforia.

Regular cannabis seeds grow in much the same way as photoperiod feminised seeds, but they are more likely to produce half male plants. Regular seed growers are generally experienced cannabis growers who want to experiment with breeding. They may choose to pollinate a female plant before starting regular seeds. If this is the case, regular seed growers typically have separate grow rooms for male and female cannabis plants. This separation prevents accidental pollen release.

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