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Regular Cannabis Seeds – The Advantages and Disadvantages

regular seeds

Regular seeds are those obtained through a cross between a female and a male plant. Depending on several factors, these seeds will display one sex. Feminized seeds, on the other hand, will produce only female specimens. Standard seeds are those that can produce both male and female specimens. Hermaphrodites and intersex varieties are also possible.

Regular seeds are more robust and resilient than feminized seeds. They are also easier to cultivate. Regular cannabis seeds also resist stress better. Moreover, they are less likely to become hermaphrodites. Choosing a good breeder is essential if you’re looking for good-quality seeds.

Regular cannabis seeds are an interesting challenge because they may produce males or females. Some growers compare the process of sexing plants to Russian roulette. While the process can be time-consuming, the end result is worth the effort. Regular seeds contain approximately 50% male plants and 50% female plants. The male plants are used in breeding and creating new hybrids, but ordinary growers aren’t interested in this aspect. Their primary goal is to grow plants with potent buds.

Regular cannabis seeds are a good choice for breeders because they allow for more genetic variation. Regular seeds also produce heavier yields and a longer shelf life. Regular cannabis seeds are cheaper than feminized seeds. The lower price is partly to compensate for the costs associated with culling the males. If you’re not interested in hybridization, regular seeds may be a better choice. It’s better to experiment with regular cannabis seeds than to be confined to one type.

If you’re growing marijuana for medical use, you’ll need to know if you’re growing regular or feminized seeds. Feminised seeds are more complicated. The male plants are taller and mature before the females and thus easier to pollinate. By growing autoflowers, you’ll be able to harvest every four weeks.

Regular cannabis seeds grow the same way as feminised seeds, but they have a 50% chance of producing half male plants. Those who choose to grow regular seeds often have experience in growing marijuana, and are interested in cross-breeding. They may want to produce regular seeds by pollinating a female plant. To prevent accidental pollen release, regular seeds are typically grown in separate grow areas.

Regular cannabis seeds are also known as classic seeds, because they were created naturally and have not been manipulated in any way. As such, they are a good choice for growers who want to have predictable results. Because of this stability, they are perfect for repeat growers. If you’ve grown cannabis before, you probably already know that half of the seeds will develop into male plants, and these won’t produce any THC.

If you’re looking to buy regular cannabis seeds online, you can find some great deals online. Seedsman has an excellent rewards program. You can earn points with purchases and redeem them for free seeds. You can also earn loyalty points by doing certain tasks on their website. They also have birthday bonuses. Besides Seedsman, you can also find quality weed seeds on Rocket Seeds. This site works as a virtual mall and sells seeds from popular brands. The store also offers comparison-shopping between strains.

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