Best Regular Seeds

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cannabis Seeds

regular seeds

Regular seeds are usually cheaper than feminized seeds. However, regular seeds will produce half male plants, and growers usually discard these. However, their lower price does not necessarily mean inferior quality, and regular seeds have just as good genetics as feminized seeds. This means that regular seeds can be used to breed new strains with feminized genes.

Regular cannabis seeds have equal numbers of male and female chromosomes. This makes them ideal for breeding, creating hybrids, and getting more seeds. In contrast, feminized cannabis seeds do not produce male plants, so it is impossible to experiment with breeding. Regular cannabis seeds are also cheaper, which helps offset the losses associated with culling male plants.

Regular seeds are easier to grow and are more resilient than feminized seeds. They also tend to be less likely to turn into hermaphrodites. They can cope better with stress than feminized seeds. If you’re unsure, you can always ask a reputable breeder if they offer feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds, however, need a separate hydro system for male plants, allowing the female to flower. That means feminized seeds will waste space, nutrients, and growing medium in your hydro system. They also require more maintenance than regular seeds. A dedicated space and a large number of plants are also necessary.

Growing cannabis from seeds is a rewarding experience. The plants grow much more vigorously than clones, and their strong taproot allows them to survive a harsher climate. They can be planted outdoors in early spring, and may also be grown indoors in colder climates. In wet climates, seeds may need to be germinated indoors. Those indoor seedlings may need supplemental lighting for growth.

The germination of regular seeds is most likely to be successful when they are dark brown. Seeds that are brown or dark brown are the best option for cannabis. Seeds with dark brown or uniform color are the best choice. They usually have a pattern on them. This helps to identify the type of plant that they are.

Cannabis seeds are less common today, but you can find them in your stash if you grind down the flower or warm up a bowl. These seeds are called bagseeds, and the process of growing them depends on what variety you choose. If you have four plants, it might be best to plant one seed per month, ensuring harvests every four weeks.

While some seeds sprout quickly, others take longer. Regular seeds should germinate within three to ten days. If you see no sprouts after two weeks, your seeds are probably duds. If you haven’t split your seeds by the time the taproot is visible, you can transfer the seeds to a growing medium. In this way, you’ll know exactly when to expect growth. The next step is to nurture your new plants.

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