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What You Need to Know About Regular Seeds

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Whether you’re just getting started with growing your own plants or you’re a long-time gardener, there are several things to know about regular seeds. This article will provide you with information about some of the common uses of these seeds, as well as how to choose them and how to grow them.

Feminized seeds

Initially, feminized seeds made a splash. Unlike the old school seed, these are genetically modified. They are designed to grow female plants, resulting in higher yields and less hassle.

For new growers, they are a good way to go. They can help eliminate guesswork when it comes to spotting males and identifying male-to-female crossbreeds. In addition to being easier to produce, they also require less nutrients and growing medium.

Some companies offer a full line of feminized genetics, including Diesel Glue, Mataro Blue, and others. While it is not a requirement to purchase a package, it is helpful to know what’s out there. You can find a number of resources online.

You will also want to know how to spot a hermaphrodite plant. A good rule of thumb is to know if the plant has pollen sacs or seedless buds. These buds tend to have more cannabinoid content and a better terpene profile.

One way to generate a feminized seed is to spray female plants with a silver solution. This will result in a high percentage of hermaphrodite plants, albeit in the grand scheme of things. You can also make a feminized seed by back crossing a regular seed with a hermaphrodite one.

It’s not a new concept to selectively cross-breed plants. Since the dawn of agriculture, selective cross-breeding has been taking place between plants of all varieties.

Autoflowering regular seeds

Unlike feminized seeds, autoflowering regular seeds do not require changing light cycles. This means you can have plants of different ages within the same grow. They also are more resistant to disease and other ailments.

They’re also more natural than feminized seeds. That’s why more breeders prefer them. They’re easier to raise and produce a bigger harvest. They’re also less expensive than other seed types.

They also allow for you to create your own strains. You can have plants with a 50/50 male to female ratio. This means you can get the potency of a feminized strain without the extra expense. It’s also a good choice for beginners.

They’re also better suited to growing outdoors. Because they don’t need to change light schedules, you can get multiple harvests throughout the year. They’re also easier to grow in limited spaces.

They’re also known for their fast growth. They can reach heights of up to 65 cm. You can expect a harvest in just 10 weeks.

However, they’re not as popular as feminized seeds. They’re not as potent. You can also find some interesting hybrids.

You have to be careful with auto regular seeds. They have a high risk of producing males. This can lead to issues. They can be difficult to distinguish from the female plants. They can also cause accidental fertilization. You don’t want to end up with useless male plants in your crop.

Common uses of regular seeds

Using regular seeds for your marijuana crop can be a good idea. They can be used to produce the best quality clones, and if done correctly, they can also provide a genetically intact phenotype.

Depending on the growing conditions, there are a few factors that can influence the male/female ratio. Some cultivars from the past fifty years may be preserved in their regular form, but many will still pass into oblivion.

A number of growers take the time to propagate mother plants from regular seeds to keep the desired features. Using the right seed is an important consideration, especially if you’re looking to build a large breeding program.

The key to success in a cloning program is robust qualities. The best female cannabis plants can produce hundreds of ‘children’ over several years.

A clone is a replica of the mother plant. It requires a full set of chromosomes to produce a viable plant. Aside from the obvious benefits of producing a uniform plant, a clone can also be used to breed.

Keeping in mind the sex of the clone, you may want to avoid a female clone from a male. Feminized seeds can be genetically distinct from the parent, and may develop hermaphrodites if stressed out.

The best way to find the best clones for your needs is to use a seed bank. A number of seed banks such as Amsterdam Genetics offer an extensive range of regular and feminized seeds. The company also offers a comprehensive list of recommended growing tips.

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