Best Regular Seeds

The Importance of Regular Seed For Your Marijuana Plants

regular seed

Whether you are a seasoned grower or a beginner, you know that the regular seed is one of the most important parts of your plant inventory. The reason is that it provides a base for your plants’ genetics. It is also a necessary tool for developing new strains.


SSSC is a well-established seed bank that has been operating for over thirty years. They specialize in high-quality, boutique genetics. Their goal is to provide the best possible cannabis seeds.

They produce feminized and regular seed varieties. They also offer autoflower seeds. They provide growers with personalized growing advice and exclusive merchandise. They are based in Amsterdam.

SSSC was founded in 1985 by Karel Schelfhout. He had an ambitious goal: to empower people around the world to grow their own cannabis. He got his start by cultivating cannabis for coffee shops in the Netherlands. During the 1980s, Dutch Passion and SSSC began to emerge. The team included Sam the Skunkman and Nevil Schoenmaker.

The team was able to create legendary strains using their SSSC varieties. These strains were used to win many Cannabis Cups. It was during this time that SSSC started to distribute their seed catalogs internationally. The company also introduced the “plantlet method” that became known as Sea-of-Green. This method produced short, tightly packed clones. This was designed to maximize commercial production in indoor spaces.

Sensi Seeds

Founded in 1985, Sensi Seeds is the world’s most recognized cannabis seed bank. Their goal is to disseminate cannabis knowledge and to promote responsible consumption of marijuana. They have a wide variety of marijuana strains, including many award winning varieties.

The company’s most popular strain is the autoflowering variety, the Auto Skunk #1. This variety provides incredible yields in only 10 weeks. It is a low maintenance strain, which makes it perfect for novices. It can also be grown in a greenhouse.

This indica-dominant variety has a unique citrus flavour. It produces large calyxes and a high-quality harvest. The flowering time is short, and it produces a pleasant euphoric high.

Its low-maintenance grow and short flowering period make it ideal for beginners. The Indoor Mix Regular is a great introduction to the Sensi Seeds collection. It is a feminized cannabis seed that is easy to cultivate. It contains several of the best indica strains.

Amsterdam Seed Center

Founded in 2011, Amsterdam Seed Center offers a wide selection of high quality seeds. They have partnerships with over 40 different seed banks. The company also sells growing equipment, scales, hemp bags and other marijuana related products.

The website of Amsterdam Seed Center is user friendly and interactive. You can choose your favorite strain and then filter the options according to yield, height and THC content. This site also contains a small list of the top selling strains.

There is no doubt that Amsterdam Seed Center is the best place to order your cannabis seeds online. They have an impressive collection of over 1500 strains and offer both regular and feminized varieties. They also offer free seeds with purchases. In addition, they offer a variety of discounts.

Feminized seeds

Using feminized seeds is an easy way to get big yields. In fact, a single marijuana seed can’t produce nearly as much as a feminized seed. Invest in a high quality feminized strain from a reputable breeder, and you’ll be sure to get predictable plants that yield a quality harvest.

In addition to a better quality yield, feminized seeds can help you avoid the problems associated with males. A regular cannabis plant can’t pollinate a female cannabis plant, whereas a feminized one can. The process of rodelization involves stressing out a female plant to produce a pollen sac. The resulting bud has a higher concentration of active substances.

For the beginner, a feminized seed can make growing weed a lot less frustrating. It also gives growers the opportunity to get a better return on their investment in both time and money.

Autoflowering seeds

Using regular autoflowering seeds is a great way to save money while keeping the genetics of your favorite strain. The cost-effectiveness of the process is mainly due to the fact that these seeds have the same traits as the original strains.

However, there are certain disadvantages to using regular autoflowering seeds. For one, the plants can grow faster than photoperiod strains, which means you will need to be more vigilant about adjusting the lighting schedule to match the growth period. Additionally, if you want to harvest larger quantities of marijuana, you will need to use more than just a single strain.

On the other hand, feminized seeds eliminate the possibility of accidental pollination. This is especially helpful if you plan to grow outdoors. Also, a feminized plant can tolerate high stress training more easily than a regular plant.

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