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How to Grow Cannabis Seeds

regular seed

When you are looking for seeds to grow, you will have to choose between a regular seed or a feminized seed. The regular seed will allow you to have a clone that will have to be rooted in order to grow a plant, while the feminized seed will allow you to grow a plant that will autoflower.

Feminized vs regular seeds

When it comes to growing cannabis, there are two options to choose from. Regular seeds and feminized seeds. Both are easy to grow. The difference between them is the level of control you have over your plant.

Feminized plants are genetically modified, which means you have a better chance of producing female plants. These plants are much easier to grow and produce larger, more potent buds. They can also be easier to clone.

The biggest difference between feminized and regular seeds is their growth rate. Unlike autoflowering plants, which are ready to flower in about a month, feminized plants take a little longer. They usually require around four to five weeks of vegetative growth before flowering.

Feminised seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors. While outdoor feminised seeds can take eight to nine weeks to reach maturity, indoor feminized seeds can finish in a shorter period of time.

Whether you want to buy a pack of feminised seeds or just a pack of regular seeds, it’s important to find a seed supplier that has a good track record. Make sure you’re buying from someone with a professional reputation with the cannabis cup.

Creating clones with regular seeds

In order to produce cannabis seeds, a grower must cross two existing strains. The end result is a new, fresh genetic line.

For cloning purposes, the most important step is cutting the right part of the plant. This could be the tip of the stem, or the middle of the plant. You’ll need to cut these parts at an angle to maximize the rooting surface.

You’ll want to get a good cut with a razor blade, which can help you maximize the rooting surface area. You’ll also want to clean the cut area before putting it in the rooting medium. You’ll want to wipe down the surfaces with a high proof alcohol to avoid any microorganisms.

Once you’ve cut the right part of the plant, you’ll need to put the clone in a proper rooting medium. You can use a starter cube or a pot filled with soil. You’ll also need to add water and nutrients to the medium to support healthy growth.


Seed germination is the process by which seeds start to grow into plants. The germination of a seed is important to the growth of a plant because it determines the yield and health of the plants. There are several factors that affect seed germination. Some of these include temperature, moisture, and light.

The first step in seed germination is to place the seeds in an environment that is conducive to germination. This is usually a warm area. A dark, cool place is also ideal. If you cannot get a dark, cool place, you can plant your seeds in a closet or under a heating vent.

Another method is to germinate your seeds in a glass of water. The water needs to be about 22degC. It will help if you put a paper towel over the top of the seeds. You can then put the paper towel in a holding container to keep it moist.

Feminized autoflowering seeds are good for outdoor grass

If you’re thinking of growing marijuana outdoors, it might be time to consider autoflowering seeds. These cannabis strains grow faster than regular varieties and can produce multiple harvests. They also have a shorter life cycle, so you can harvest them a few times in a year.

These seeds have high THC levels, which are ideal for outdoor use. They’re known for their strong aromas and relaxing effects. They’re a good choice for a hydroponic system, but you can grow them in any light environment.

These autoflowering seeds have Ruderalis genetics, which allow them to flower on their own without the need for photoperiod. This makes them resistant to cold climates, mold, and bugs.

These seeds are fast, which is ideal for outdoor growers who don’t have the room to grow a traditional crop. They can grow up to 4 feet tall in 3 months. They’re also resistant to humidity, temperature changes, and feeding.

You can expect to get two harvests from a good set of feminized outdoor seeds in the summer. However, it can take a year or two for a seed to learn your specific climate.

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