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The Psychoactive Potential of Regular Seeds and Their Use in Cloning

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The psychoactive potential of regular seeds and their use in cloning are both discussed in this article. We also cover the differences between feminized and non-feminized seeds.

Feminized vs non-feminized seeds

In the world of cannabis seed comparisons, there are two types to choose from. These are the regular and the feminized. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it all depends on the individual grower’s needs.

The regular seeds are ideal for outdoor or indoor cultivation. For most cannabis growers, the only thing they really want is large amounts of quality marijuana. Having a female plant will provide some advantages, such as better cannabinoid content, a bigger yield and a more consistent flowering time.

Unlike the non-feminized variety, the feminized seed will produce plants with a largely hermaphroditic profile. This is a boon for breeders. It also reduces the risk of sexing out a male plant.

However, a female plant will likely produce a smaller amount of resin and a higher concentration of cannabinoid content. Nonetheless, the feminized seed will likely produce a more streamlined cultivation process and the largest plant possible.

Feminized seeds are also more expensive than their regular counterparts. That is not to say they are bad, however. A good feminized seed should not cost you a fortune. They are also a great choice for the small commercial grower or indoor enthusiast.

The feminized seed is a technological breakthrough. Previously, the only way to get the female phenotype was to cross female and male cannabis plants. To make this happen, breeders used colloidal silver and other chemicals in the flowering phase of the plant.

Creating clones with regular seeds

When cloning regular seeds, it’s important to choose a healthy “mother” plant. The clone will then have to grow to maturity before it will be ready to be harvested.

Choosing a good plant is the most difficult part of cloning. It’s important to make sure the mother plant is free from pests and disease. Once you have an established root system, you’ll want to provide the clone with ample water and nutrients.

You’ll also want to make sure the soil pH is consistent and the soil temperature is at the right level. A humidity dome is also beneficial to help the clone establish roots.

There are four stages in the growth of a seed: germination, vegetative, flowering, and harvesting. Clones will inherit the same genetics of the parent plant, but they will have an initial head start on root development.

While a clone will have the same characteristics as the parent plant, they will have a shorter grow period and less yield. They’ll also be more sensitive to heat and light. In addition, they may be prone to insects and bacteria.

Creating clones is a lot easier than germinating seeds. But it comes with a steep learning curve. If you want to ensure high quality and predictable results, you’ll need to dedicate time and energy to the process.

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