Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed – Where to Find It

regular seed

If you are looking to get some regular seed that is guaranteed to give you a good crop, there are several options you can choose from. This article will discuss some of the best seed sources available and help you find the perfect regular seed for your needs.

Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds is one of the largest international cannabis seed retailers. This online store specializes in marijuana seeds, both regular and feminized. Its website is user-friendly and offers a range of options to choose from.

The company’s customer service is also impressive. They offer support via email, phone, and chat. If you are experiencing any problems with your order, you can contact the company at any time.

As part of their customer service, they will provide a tracking number for your order. When you receive your seeds, you can track your order and see where it is in the supply chain.

Herbies Seeds is a popular option for those looking for high-quality and affordable seeds. In addition to providing top-shelf products, they are dedicated to helping customers with any questions they may have.

Aside from their high quality products, they also offer freebies. With every purchase, you will get an additional seed for free. You can use this discount to stock up on some of the most popular strains in the cannabis world.

Their Purple Lemonade strain, for example, is an autoflowering indica hybrid. It grows indoors or outdoors and has a harvesting time of about 63 to 70 days.

Herbies Seeds is based in Alicante, Spain. The company’s reputation is impressive, with over 1,900 positive reviews.

Amsterdam Marijuana

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is an online store for cannabis seeds. They offer a wide selection of both hybrid and feminized seeds. Their seeds are hand-picked and cared for with love.

The site has an impressive catalog of over 1500 strains. It also offers secure payment options. Customers can also enjoy free shipping in the European Union. In addition, the site offers a plethora of search filters to ensure that you find the right seeds for your grow.

For beginners, the best strain to choose is the Amsterdam Skunk. This hybrid has a strong smell and the effects are powerful. A fast flowering, high-yielding plant, it is also easy to manage.

Another popular strain is the White Widow. This hybrid has medium to high levels of CBD and THC, and it is one of the most popular marijuana strains in the world.

The Power Plant, on the other hand, is a 65% Sativa and 35% Indica combination. It is a well-known variety and is on the menus of many coffee shops.

One of the most enticing traits of Amsterdam is its large selection of coffeeshops. While the city does not permit the sale of cannabis edibles, its numerous coffee shops can be a good place to buy your cannabis.

Amsterdam Genetics is a modern breeder and seed bank. The company has a long history of producing high quality seeds.

Attitude Seedbank

If you’re looking for regular seed, Attitude Seedbank offers you a wide variety to choose from. You can find everything from feminized seeds to autoflowering seeds. And, of course, you can get seeds from reputable breeders such as Serious Seeds and Big Buddha.

The website is very user friendly. You can browse through their large inventory by searching by strain or brand. They also have a few helpful search tips. There are a few ways you can save money with your purchase. In addition, they offer free seeds on orders of certain quantities.

If you’re a newbie to marijuana growing, you should probably avoid this site. But, if you’re an experienced grower who likes a good deal, you’ll find the website has some impressive perks.

For example, Attitude Seeds has a very cool customer service department. While they may not be available to all customers all the time, they will usually make the effort to help you out.

Their website is also filled with pictures and loud text. This can be a little confusing at first. However, they do offer a wide variety of seeds, including regular seeds, feminized seeds, and even landrace strains. Thankfully, they have a refund policy.

The site’s home page features a few nice pictures. Also, you can browse through the various strains by the breeder.

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