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Using Regular Seeds to Make New Strains of Weed

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There are a number of ways to use regular seeds to make new strains of weed. This article discusses some of the methods you can use. These methods include cloning, using feminized seeds, and venting the seed jar.

Feminized seeds are safer than regular seeds

When feminised seeds first hit the market there was some controversy. Some growers were concerned that the hermaphroditism of these seeds would cause them to produce unstable hermies. However, feminised seeds are safer than regular seeds because they do not produce males.

Feminized seeds were introduced in the late 90s and revolutionised the cannabis breeding game. It’s easy to find a wide range of feminised strains, ranging from autoflowering varieties to a handful of key cannabinoids. In fact, 90% of the European cannabis seed market is made up of feminised varieties.

Feminised seed production is based on a scientific process that produces female plants. This is a great way to keep unwanted males out of your crop. Since feminised seeds are genetically engineered, they are guaranteed to produce a female plant almost all the time.

Feminised seeds also offer growers an easier cultivation method. They require less stress and do not need to be weeded out. Their main purpose is to concentrate on flowering. Because of this, they are able to produce bigger buds with a higher THC content.

For many growers, feminised seed production is the best solution to a long standing problem. Regular seeds produce a mixed bag of male and female plants. The females are not always uniform and can develop intersex traits under stressful conditions.

Cloning regular seeds to create new strains

When growing cannabis, you have two options: grow seeds or clones. Whether you choose one or the other depends on the type of cannabis you plan to cultivate.

If you decide to use seeds, you can buy seeds from dispensaries or online stores. Seeds are a simple and reliable way to start off with fresh genetics. However, you must be careful not to buy non-feminized seeds. You also must be aware that seeds do not provide you with an exact copy of the original parent.

In contrast, clones are a more advanced alternative. These are cuttings from the mother plant, usually taken from the vegetative phase. They produce a female marijuana plant, which will produce a cannabinoid rich bud.

Despite the fact that clones are faster and easier to grow, you must make sure to check them for pests and diseases. Clones can carry a variety of different diseases, some of which can destroy other plants.

It is important to store clones in a cool place to keep them dormant. You will have to do this until the seedlings reach the vegetative phase. Once your seedlings are ready to be cloned, it’s time to go through the process of phenotyping. This involves taking clones from each seedling and assigning numbers to them.

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