Best Regular Seeds

What Are the Best Regular Cannabis Seeds?

regular seed

If you are interested in starting your own garden, but aren’t quite sure what seed to choose, you may want to consider getting regular seeds. These seeds are a great option because they grow easily and are affordable. There are even autoflowering seeds on the market that you can use if you want to have a faster-growing plant.

Amnesia Lemon

The Amnesia Lemon regular seed is an easy-to-grow hybrid. This cannabis strain is a sativa-dominant crossbreed that delivers a strong, uplifting effect.

This strain is great for recreational and medical purposes, and is a good choice for beginner growers. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, it produces a long-lasting high that is quite narcotic. It has a mild licorice taste, as well as lemon and lime flavours.

You can grow this weed indoors or out. You can also grow it in a hydroponics system. Depending on the location and growing conditions, you can expect to harvest 500 grams or more per plant.

Amnesia Lemon is durable and resistant to pests. However, it is still advisable to treat it with caution, especially if you are new to the hobby.

Like most sativa-dominant strains, Amnesia Lemon is a strong-growing, vigorously flowering strain. It has a relatively short flowering period of 70 days. It will reach its full height, around 110 cm, and can produce a yield of 550 g per square meter.

Harlequin x Bubba Kush

Harlequin x Bubba Kush regular seed is a strain containing high levels of CBD and low THC. These seeds trigger a mild euphoria that makes users feel relaxed, content and at peace.

This strain is an excellent choice for people who are dealing with psychological and physical ailments. The calming effects of this plant may also help reduce stress and pain.

The plant produces a pleasant fragrance of citrus and fruit spice. Its flowering time is 8 to 9 weeks.

Harlequin x Bubba is ideal for indoor growing. It requires a warm and dry climate. A minimum of 18 to 24 hours of light is required. Although Harlequin has low THC content, it has potent anti-inflammatory properties.

This strain is a hybrid of two popular medical cannabis strains. It is said to have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects.

This strain is known for its pleasant euphoric aroma and taste. During the life cycle, it will grow to approximately 150cm. Depending on the climate and growing conditions, the plant will produce up to 17 to 19 oz of flowers per meter squared.

Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds is one of the world’s leading seed banks. They have been creating and distributing cannabis seeds since 1985. The company’s genetics have been widely acclaimed and have won many awards.

Sensi Seeds is based in Barcelona, Spain. It is also a sister company to the HempFlax brand. Their goal is to promote the benefits of using marijuana and to disseminate knowledge about the plant.

Sensi Seeds’ best-selling strain is the Auto Skunk #1. This indica-dominant variety is a quick grower that produces huge yields in as little as 10 weeks. It has a very high organoleptic profile and amazing growth qualities.

Another great variety by Sensi Seeds is the Northern Lights Regular. This indica-dominant strain has won multiple awards. The plants have an earthy smell and a hint of honey. However, they do not produce a distinctly overpowering scent when they are in flower.

Sensi Seeds is proud of their autoflowering varieties. They have spent many years in research to develop these types of strains. These plants can withstand varying growing conditions and bounce back to life happily.

Feminized autoflowering seeds

Feminized autoflowering seeds are growing more popular among cannabis growers. They offer a number of advantages over regular seeds. These include increased harvest yields, easier growing and less work.

First, feminized seeds require no male plants. This allows growers to avoid the risk of accidental pollination and ensures that only female plants are produced. Secondly, these seeds are more resistant to diseases and pests. Finally, they produce higher quality products.

Feminized seeds also have a lower price than regular seeds. While some brands offer both types, you might want to choose one that is better suited to your gardening needs.

Compared to regular seeds, feminized ones provide multiple harvests in a single growing season. Additionally, feminized seeds have higher levels of CBD. CBD reduces the psychoactive effects of THC.

In addition, feminized seeds are a great choice for beginners and first-time growers. They can be used for indoor and outdoor grows. Moreover, they are easy to manage and give predictable results.

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