Best Regular Seeds

Top 5 Seed Banks For Regular Marijuana

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If you are looking to start a cannabis farm you need to be sure you have access to the right seeds. Regular seeds are a good way to get started, but they aren’t the only options you have.

Dutch Passion

The Dutch Passion regular seed collection has a long history. It’s the result of decades of professional breeding. They have created some of the best cannabis genetics in the world.

With an impressive catalogue of more than 50 strains, Dutch Passion’s seed selection offers something for everyone. These include legendary classics such as Blueberry, White Widow, and Orange Bud. Also available are autoflowering varieties and feminized seeds.

The Dutch Passion Seed Finder asks you a series of questions to help you choose the perfect cannabis seeds for your grow. For example, what are your grow objectives? What’s your preferred grow method? Do you prefer to use regular or feminized seeds?

Experiencia Natural

Regular seeds are not your grandmother’s weed. They come in a variety of varieties, from the aforementioned plain old seed to the high brow autoflowering hybrids. The best part is that they’re less expensive than the feminized variants. This makes them the go to choice for a number of aspiring cultivators. It’s not hard to see why.

A little research will yield you a plethora of choices. For a start, there is the OG Kush, Conspiracy Kush and their respective offspring. If you’re lucky, you might just end up with a few of the aforementioned aforementioned strains, and if you’re lucky enough to score some kush aficionados, you might just make the grade.

Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds is a world-renowned cannabis seed bank. It offers a wide range of marijuana strains that suit different cultivating conditions.

The company’s founder, Ben van der Linden, began breeding his own cannabis strains in the 1980s. Since then, Sensi Seeds has become the world’s largest cannabis seed bank.

Sensi Seeds has a mission to disseminate knowledge about cannabis, and to increase its accessibility to as many people as possible. As the company grows, it is increasingly involved in medicinal marijuana applications.

Sensi Seeds is the creator of a variety of award-winning strains. These strains offer rich yields and a sweet taste. Moreover, they are easy to grow.


Marijuana Seeds NL, or MSNL, is a well-known seed bank that offers an extensive variety of strains. This seed bank is owned and operated by a geneticist, so you can rest assured that the seeds you receive are of the highest quality.

In addition to its wide variety of seed choices, MSNL also offers a wide selection of deals and promotions. These include free seeds, guaranteed stealth shipping, and a rewards program.

With over 200 different strains, MSNL offers a diverse selection of products to suit everyone’s needs. The quality of the products is top notch, and the price is affordable. There are a number of payment options available to purchase your seed order, including credit cards, bank transfer, and BitCoin.

SubCool the Dank

Subcool has been around the cannabis scene for a while. His popular Weed Nerd show details his life and his love of marijuana. In addition, he’s been a regular contributor to High Times magazine.

While most people think of Subcool as a marijuana seed manufacturer, the true legend is his philanthropy and his many contributions to the cannabis world. Not only is he an iconic figure in the cannabis industry, he’s also an advocate for changing the way that cannabis is regulated.

Although he’s been involved in the industry for years, he’s only recently launched a new seed bank, dubbed Subcool The Dank. As the name suggests, this seed provider maintains the same breeders and genetics that the legendary founder of TGA Subcool had when he first started.

Jilly Bean

Jilly Bean Regular is an award-winning marijuana strain. This plant was named one of the Top 10 Cultivars of 2007 by High Times magazine. It is an Indica-dominant plant that produces a potent euphoric effect.

This strain is a great choice for people who are looking to relieve stress and mood disorders. The plant’s sweet flavor and calming properties help soothe symptoms of anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Jilly Bean is easy to grow. Its short flowering time and sativa-indica balance makes it ideal for indoor growing. Moreover, it is resistant to mildew and mold.

Jilly Bean plants produce plump buds that are lime green with orange pistils. They also have a unique aroma of mango.

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