Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed – What Is It?

regular seed

Regular seed is a breeding line that expresses an equal balance of male and female chromosomes. This makes them popular amongst breeders and experienced growers.

These seeds have a 50% chance of turning into either male or female plants, giving them an extra advantage when breeding and pheno hunting. They can also be used to create superior clones.

It’s easier to breed

Regular seed is easier to breed than feminized seeds, which can make it a good choice for beginners. It’s also better for clones/cuttings (also called asexual reproduction), as plants that germinate from regular seeds tend to be more stable in genetics than those from feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds, on the other hand, have undergone some sort of genetic tampering that makes them less stable in the long run. This makes cloning a bit more difficult, as if the seeds you get come from an unstable plant, you’ll have to worry about the potential for them to produce weak/unstable offspring.

On the other hand, if you buy a pack of feminized seeds, it’s more than likely that all the seeds in the package will be female, meaning you can expect to get twice as many harvests as you would from regular seed. This can be a real bonus for growers who want to save time and money in the garden, and it’s especially true for those who aren’t concerned with flower production as much as breeding or genetic purity.

It’s cheaper

Regular seed is cheaper than feminized seeds, but there are pros and cons to both. For starters, regular seeds are less likely to produce hermaphrodite plants than feminized varieties.

They also don’t have to undergo genetic tampering, which makes them more stable. That’s especially helpful for breeders.

Feminized seeds are a bit more expensive than their regular counterparts, but they can be worth it in the long run. For example, some feminized strains are known to produce higher levels of THC than their regular counterparts.

Despite this, it’s still important to choose a strain that is adapted to your growing environment and use. This way, you can ensure a good harvest. It’s also a good idea to get high-quality seeds from a reputable seed bank, like ILGM and Crop King Seeds. They offer a wide range of cannabis seeds for all types of growers and have some of the best reputations in the industry. They’re also one of the few seed banks to ship discreetly, ensuring your weed seeds stay safe.

It’s more durable

Regular seeds are more durable than other types of seed because they usually produce tougher plants that are more resistant to pests and diseases. They also grow better in less-optimal environments, as well as in a more humid climate.

Compared to feminized seed, regular seeds are less likely to produce hermaphrodite plants (plants that have both male and female parts). This is due to the fact that they are made using at least one hermaphrodite plant as a parent.

When growing these types of seed, you must be sure to remove the males before they flower and pollinate the females. This process isn’t always easy, but it’s the best way to get a good harvest from these seeds.

Breeding is the other big advantage of these seeds, as it allows growers to create their own strains from scratch. In this way, they can experiment with different genotypes and phenotypes, ultimately developing the strain of their dreams.

It’s more versatile

While feminized and autoflowering seeds are the focus of much of the cannabis buzz, regular seed has its merits as well. They can be used to create a plethora of impressive looking plants, which is especially useful when you’re trying to replicate a particular strain. They also make for a great source of inspiration when you need to come up with new ideas. Whether you’re looking to try your hand at breeding your own weed or just want to find out which strain is the best fit for your space, these little nuggets of genetic gold are the ticket.

One of the best uses for regular seed is that it can be cloned. It’s not uncommon for a breeder to produce hundreds of identical plants over the course of several years, and while the process isn’t for the faint of heart, it does yield one hell of a crop. The trick is to pick the best specimens from among the millions, and to be patient enough to wait for your prized possession to mature.

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