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What Is Regular Seed?

regular seed

Regular seeds are the natural offspring of a pollinated female cannabis plant. Depending on environmental factors, they will grow into either male or female plants.

For breeders, regular seeds are an important part of a successful breeding program. They allow you to produce strong clones that will retain the best traits of their parents.


Breeding is a process whereby cannabis plants are crossed with one another in order to produce new strains. It can be an exciting and rewarding process, but it’s also a complex and highly technical undertaking.

When breeding, you’ll need to find a suitable female plant to cross with and male plants that match your desired traits. This could include height, structure, internodal spacing, aroma, leaf pattern and overall vigor.

The breeding process can be quite complicated, and you’ll probably want to experiment with different crosses until you find a viable breeding strategy. It’s important to keep good records of the crosses you make, so that you can track the results and compare them against previous generations.

Despite the increase in feminized seeds, there are still many growers who continue to breed regular seed. This is because regular seeds are usually the best way to work with a large pheno hunt and achieve some of the most desirable traits.


Cloning is a type of reproduction that occurs in many organisms, including plants, bacteria, and fungi. It is also a process used by some animals, like sheep and certain sharks.

Using clones is an excellent way to start a cannabis crop because it gives you a precise copy of the mother plant’s genetics and phenotype. This is a benefit for growers who have their heart set on a specific grow characteristic or flavour profile, as well as for new growers who may not be skilled at germinating seeds.

However, clones can also carry defects in their DNA that are not revealed until flowering. These hidden flaws can make the clone less resistant to diseases and pests that are typically present on the mother plant.

Despite these drawbacks, cloning is an extremely effective and fast way to produce cannabis. As long as you have the proper nutrients and rooting medium, a clone should take hold and become a healthy cannabis plant.


When choosing cannabis seeds, many growers look for a high yield potential. Indoor measurements typically range from 400-650g/m2, while outdoor measures go much higher (usually around 2.5kg/plant for sativa dominant strains).

Yield is largely dependent on the growing conditions, so it’s important to know what you can achieve and how you can optimize those conditions for optimum results. If you’re aiming for a large yield, you will need to consider factors such as light exposure and germination techniques such as SOG or SCROG, as well as your experience level.

Regular seed is a good choice for breeders, as they provide more stable plant genetics than feminized seed. Feminized seeds undergo genetic modification that can make future generations less stable.

Female plants from regular seed are able to take cuttings and clones, which is useful for breeders and aspiring growers. The genetic purity of these plants is also more stable than that of feminized seeds, which means they are likely to produce the same quality offspring each time.


The price of regular seed depends on many factors, including the genetics, production costs, supply and demand, and trends in the cannabis market. Generally, seeds with high THC concentrations tend to be more expensive than those with lower THC levels.

Another important factor is whether the strain you want to purchase is legal in your region or country. If the laws are more relaxed in your area, you may be able to get it at a discounted price.

A third factor is the breeding and research process that goes into creating a particular strain. Breeders invest a lot of time and money into developing the best possible seed for their customers.

Although feminized seeds cost more than regular ones, they produce a much higher yield. Female plants are more resistant to stress, making them easier to grow.

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