Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed – The Basics of Pollination

regular seed

Regular seeds are a firm favourite for old-school growers, and newbies alike. Offering a pure growing experience, these are free from genetic tampering.

They’re also a great option for those looking to back cross or produce a new generation of cultivars. They offer 50% male and 50% female plants – a good chance of producing superior clones.

1. Genetic Stability

Genetic stability is a type of characterization that determines the integrity of insertion sequences in transgenes. It is important to ensure that these insertions remain stable over generations and are not transmitted to their progeny in an unstable manner, which could result in defective protein production.

To determine genetic and epigenetic stability of seedlings derived from stored seeds, MSAP profiles (the presence or absence of a HpaII/MspI marker) were assessed by comparing seedlings obtained from stored seed with those derived from control (non-stored) seeds. The epigenetic status was classified as stable S, demethylation or de novo methylation, respectively.

In rye, DNA methylation is known to be involved in the regulation of gene expression and may play an important role in responses to environmental stress such as temperature and moisture. Therefore, changes in methylation state may be related to the sensitivity of stored seeds to storage conditions and thus affect their viability.

2. Variety

Regular seed strains offer a variety of terpene profiles and high-yielding genetics. Some, such as Grapefruit regular, deliver a citrusy wake ‘n’ bake that will put your mind in the right place to tackle anything you can think of.

Many growers also choose to use regular seeds for breeding purposes. This is because the male plants produce pollen that fertilizes females, triggering the growth of new buds.

If you are a self-sufficient grower, this is not something you want to miss out on. It can double the value of your cannabis garden.

It’s also a great way to experiment with strains that might not be available in the market as feminized varieties. By breeding your own cannabis, you’ll be able to explore and experience the full lineage of any cultivar.

In addition to offering a variety of genetics, regular seed strains are also more resilient than feminized ones. This means they are easier to grow and deal with stress better. The probability of a plant turning into hermaphrodite (developing both male and female flowers) is also lower.

3. Pollination

The first step in producing seeds, fruits, and the next generation of plants, pollination involves transferring pollen grains from the male anther of one flower to the female stigma of another. It can be accomplished through self-pollination, wind and water pollination, or through the work of vectors that move pollen from one flower to another.

The most important of these are birds, bats, insects, butterflies, flies, and bees. Each of these animals has its own unique ability to move pollen from one flower to another.

In most species, a variety of mechanisms prevent self-pollination, including structural barriers (i.e., cleistogamous flowers) and chemical self-incompatibility (i.e., pollen tube failure to grow down the style).

Despite these evolutionary cul-de-sacs, self-pollination is still practiced by some food-crop plants. Continued selfing has an important effect: it enables the survival of these plants in years when natural pollinators die off.

4. Growth

Regular seed is one of the most popular types of cannabis seeds available. They’re known for producing both male and female plants at an equal rate. This makes them easy to grow and gives you the opportunity to find unique phenotypes.

They’re also more resistant to temperature and stress, which can make them great for growers with less-than-optimal environments. Despite their genetic stability, they usually yield fewer buds per plant than feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds are a good choice for growers looking for a high-yielding bud-producing crop. They also tend to be less costly than regular seeds.

They’re also good for breeding, as you can use the male and female plants to produce new strains. However, you will need to remove the males from your grow environment before pollinating them with the females. This will prevent them from becoming hermaphrodite, or producing male flowers.

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