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Regular seeds are a popular choice among growers who prefer to work with their own genetics. They’re also a good option for those who are looking to produce their own high-quality clones or breed new strains.

Regular cannabis seeds contain a mix of male and female plants that operate exactly how nature intended them to. They have a 50% chance of emerging as either a flowering female or pollen-producing male.


Regular seeds are a great option for those that want to breed their own strains. This way, they can create cannabis varieties that have a particular characteristic, such as yield, terpenes, or flowering time.

The first step is to choose a variety you want to breed with. The goal is to find plants that are similar in height, structure, leaf pattern, and aroma.

When crossing two different strains, it is important to keep good records of the breeding process. This will help you keep track of the traits you’re trying to pass on and make sure you’re not breeding plants with bad or undesirable traits.

You may want to grow out your crosses for a few weeks or even months before putting them in the breeding program, so that you can see what their phenotypes look like under real-world conditions. This also helps to make sure your clones aren’t genetically unstable, which can cause them to fail.


Cloning regular seeds is the process of taking a part of an existing plant and creating a new plant. This can be a great way to introduce a different strain or genetics into your garden.

The downside of cloning is that you have to be patient as it can take a few times before you get a good result. You can also run into problems with clones such as mold or mildew if you don’t keep an eye on them properly.

Likewise, some people feel that cloning is morally wrong because it breaks traditional modes of conception and denies a person an opportunity to form her own identity. This objection comes from the fact that cloning removes God and nature from the conception process, leading to the perception that the resulting ‘designer child’ is less a person in her own right than a ‘possession’.

The most important thing to remember when cloning is that you should only be using a healthy mother plant. Make sure that the plant has plenty of water and nutrients before you begin cloning.

Seeds for sale

Seeds for sale come in many forms, from single seeds to entire cultivated crops. Some companies sell a broad selection, while others specialize in just one area.

Seed Savers Exchange is a great place to buy heirloom and landrace seeds, which are more likely to remain available for generations to come. They also offer a wide range of organic garden products, including potting soil and plant food.

Dutch Passion is a popular seed company that offers several old-school regular weed strains, including White Widow, Orange Bud, and Blueberry. These heritage cannabis genetics are worth growing and preserving for future generations.

Another popular seed company is Herbies Seeds, which offers a wide variety of seeds, from high-THC varieties to feminized seeds and autoflowers. Its beginner-friendly site makes browsing its inventory a breeze, with filters to sort out your preferences quickly. They also have 24/7 customer service by phone.


Regular seeds are a great way to experiment with cannabis cultivars and create your own unique strains. They offer an opportunity to breed a variety of strains with different cannabinoid profiles and terpene blends.

Most growers who are interested in breeding regularly prefer to use regular seeds, as they provide more stable plant genetics than feminized varieties. This is because they haven’t undergone any type of genetic modification to make future generations less stable.

However, some seed banks offer both feminized and non-feminized seeds. This can be a great option for growers who want to save money, as a few of these banks offer discounts for cryptocurrency holders.

While sexing plants can be a bit of a lottery, most breeders find it worth the effort to produce their own seeds from their favorite strains. It’s also a great way to try out new varieties and discover which ones work best for them.

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