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Regular Seed – The Benefits of Regular Seed Over Feminized Seeds

regular seed

Regular seeds are a must have in any cannabis grower’s collection. They allow you to breed your own strains and produce superior clones.

The best thing about regular seed is that they operate exactly how nature intended them to work. These seeds have a 50% chance of producing either male or female offspring.

Genetic Stability

Seed ageing is a complex process that affects the quality and vigour of the plant. Even when stored in optimal conditions, seeds can begin to deteriorate with time.

Genetic stability is an important consideration for seed producers and germplasm conservation. The onset of deterioration in seeds is characterized by a sigmoidal pattern, with a gradual decline in viability followed by an abrupt loss of vigour and quality.

The effects of seed storage on DNA stability have not been studied extensively. Here, changes in the methylation status of genomic DNA were investigated during storage and ageing.

We used random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) and cytosine methylation sensitive amplified polymorphism (MSAP) techniques to detect differences in the methylation status of Secale cereale seeds, obtained from different stages of seed deterioration. Compared to control seeds, the levels of demethylation (D) and de novo methylation (M) were higher in stored seeds (p 0.01).

More Vigorous

The more vigorous nature of regular seed is a key benefit for growers. It allows plants to better handle stress, making them more likely to survive and thrive in the long term.

They are also less prone to hermaphroditism and pest problems, as well as being stronger overall. This makes them an expert-favorite seed type, offering a wide range of phenotypes (specific traits of a strain).

They can be used to create new cannabis varieties by breeding between the most desirable female and male phenotypes. This is an exciting endeavor, and only regular seeds offer the specialized grower the opportunity to breed his desired genetics.

Less Risk of Sexual Reproduction

A sperm cell, with a haploid nucleus, grows through the female plant’s pistil and transmitting tract tissues until it reaches an ovule. This process is known as fertilization and results in the production of a seed containing a dormant embryo that is protected from environmental stresses by an envelope called the seed coat.

Sexual reproduction has its own benefits and the most notable one is that it provides a means to produce genetically diverse offspring. This is achieved by recombination (two homologous chromosomes being reorganized and shared with offspring) and complementation.

The recombination process is more efficient and reliable than the random assembly of chromosomes required for asexual reproduction, but it does not eliminate deleterious mutations. On the other hand, complementation helps to maintain a balanced gene pool by combining beneficial mutations with those that are deleterious. A study by Howard and Lively suggests that the combined effect of these two mechanisms may give an advantage to sex over asexual reproduction.

Easier to Breed

One of the main reasons people choose regular seeds over feminized ones is that it makes it easier to breed. Feminized cannabis plants tend to produce females 99% of the time, making it difficult to breed them together.

If you want to be able to breed your own strains, you need to have access to regular seed. These are the only seeds that give you a chance of obtaining male and female specimens that are suitable for crossbreeding.

In this way, you can create your own strains with different traits such as flavour and terpene profiles, potency, and flowering times. Whether you’re after indica or sativa strains, you can easily mix up your favourites to create new strains with the best traits from each parent.

The other benefit of using regular seed is that it provides a greater chance of producing superior clones than feminized seeds. This allows you to create clones that are just as high-quality as those of a better-known strain, and they’re also easy to root and grow quickly.

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