Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seeds – The Essential Things You Need to Start Growing Cannabis

regular seeds

Regular seeds are one of the most essential things you need to start growing cannabis. They allow you to breed and clone (asexually) to reproduce new generations of cultivars.

They are also more genetically stable, meaning that they will not turn hermaphrodite under stress like feminized seedlings can. This is very important if you plan on breeding your own strains or creating hybrids.


Breeding regular cannabis seeds is the process of crossing male and female plants to create new strains that possess the desired characteristics. It’s a great way to achieve genetic diversity and make the most of your seed bank.

Whether you’re a beginner grower or an experienced expert, breeding your own strains is an excellent way to enhance your crop. It’s a simple process that takes only a few steps and can be done with a little practice and knowledge.

You can do it with any kind of cannabis strain, and you can even combine different terpene profiles to produce unique results. A good example would be to cross an indica-dominant strain with a sativa-dominant variety to produce a balanced cultivar.

Regular cannabis seeds can be used to clone any plant you want, so it’s worth experimenting with a few clones before deciding on your next crop. Using regular seeds will give you the chance to replicate specific traits of a plant like morphology or colour, which can come in handy when creating a commercial crop.


Taking cuttings from healthy plants is a great way to start new seeds. It’s also an easy way to test for plant diseases, such as powdery mildew and fungus gnats.

A growing buddy might be willing to take a cutting or two for you, or you could visit the seed bank online and order some. However, you may run into problems if the mother plants have pests or diseases that transfer to the clones.

As they are exact copies of the mother plant, clones carry over all of its traits. This can be a blessing or a curse.

Unlike seeds, clones don’t have to go through the germination and seedling stages, so they grow faster. But they also require a lot more energy.


There are a variety of regular seeds that are used by cannabis growers. Some are smaller and produce more flowers than others, while some have a distinct taste and aroma that reminds of lemon, pineapple or pine.

These seeds can be harvested from female plants, or they can be created by crossbreeding. In this process, a male plant is bred with a female.

Feminized seeds are a great choice for growers who are looking to increase their yields and quality. They’re also perfect for commercial growers who want a specific ratio of female to male plants in their crop.

They’re also a great way to start breeding your own strains. Having a diverse range of genotypes and phenotypes to explore can be incredibly exciting. It’s also a good way to hone your growing skills, so you can be a more effective grower.


Regular seeds are a great way to start your harvest without breaking the bank. They’re cheaper than their feminized counterparts and are more common, meaning you’ll have a much better chance of getting bud-producing plants out of them.

In addition, they’re easier to germinate than their feminised counterparts, and the process is much more straightforward. You’ll also save on time and energy, which is essential for growing small amounts of cannabis for personal use.

As with feminized cannabis seeds, the price of regular seed varieties depends on a number of factors. The quality of the strain, the popularity of the genetics and the difficulty of breeding them all play a role.

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