Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seeds Are a Great Choice For Growers and Breeders

Regular seeds are a great choice for growers who are looking for the most stable genetics. They can also be a good option for breeders.

Unlike feminized seeds, which produce only female plants, regular seeds have a 50/50% chance of producing male or female cannabis plants.

They are less expensive than feminized seeds

Regular seeds are less expensive than feminized seeds, and they are usually a good choice for growers who want to save money. They are also easier to grow and are more resilient to stress.

Feminized seeds are more expensive because they require a specialized breeding process. They are made by using colloidal silver or other chemicals to inhibit the production of ethylene, a hormone that female cannabis plants produce before flowering.

The result is that the cannabis plant grown from these seeds will almost always be female.

This can be a good thing for a grower who doesn’t have the time or resources to breed their own plants. It means that they can concentrate on flowering their crop and maximizing the amount of marijuana they harvest.

However, growing from regular seeds is not an ideal option for all growers. It can lead to a limited yield and it is hard to control the sex of a plant.

They are more stable genetics

Regular seeds are a great choice for growers who want to get their hands on the real deal when it comes to plant genetics. This is because regular seeds do not undergo any genetic modification that would make future generations less stable than they should be.

Breeders usually use selective homozygous crossing to produce more stable strains, which are easier to stabilize in subsequent generations. Homozygous breeding produces fewer variations than heterozygous crosses and is more predictable in terms of Mendelian ratios, but it can also lead to greater variation (or undesirable traits) if the parents are unstable.

This is why it is crucial to select the best plants for each cross. This can be done using a combination of agronomic, genomic and metabolomic tests to find the ideal parent line to breed with for each new generation. Backcrossing is also a common technique for stabilizing certain traits.

They are easier to breed

Breeding is an exciting process that involves crossing different strains to create new cultivars. This process can result in plants with a variety of traits, from high potency to unique flavour profiles and terpenes.

To start with, you need to select female and male marijuana plants that exhibit the characteristics you want in your strains. These can include plant size, terpene profile, yield and resistance to pests.

Luckily, you can get this started at home with regular seeds. They can grow into male and female marijuana plants, allowing you to start your breeding program with ease.

Feminized seeds are great for beginners, since they make cultivation easier and allow you to practise your growing skills. But as you gain experience, you may want to turn to regular seeds to breed your own strains.

They are easier to clone

Regular seeds can be cloned just as easily as they can be grown from seeds, and the process is more straightforward than you might think. However, there are a few things to consider before you get started with cloning.

First, it is important to make sure that the mother plant is healthy. Ideally, it should be a few weeks old (three months is ideal) and have not been exposed to any pests or diseases.

Second, clones require a lot of energy to grow. They have to create a root system, and this takes a lot of work.

Third, clones are also more sensitive to heat and light than established plants. This is why it is best to start them off with gentle light and a low-strength nutrient solution until they have developed roots.

Despite these drawbacks, clones can be a great way to keep the genetic lineage of a strain alive without having to pay for new seeds every time you want to restock your grow room.

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