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Regular Photoperiod Cannabis Seed

regular seed

When it comes to cannabis seeds, there are many types and options. The most common choices are autoflower, feminized and regular photoperiod seed strains.

All of these varieties have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice ultimately depends on your cultivation experience, aims and space or time constraints.

They are cheaper

Regular cannabis seeds are often cheaper than feminized seeds. This is because they produce more plants on average (but it could be fewer). Feminized seeds, on the other hand, are much more expensive due to their increased effort and cost of production.

A good way to save money when buying seeds is by getting a larger pack of them. Besides, some seed banks offer discounts on certain strains as they want to attract new customers.

Another type of inexpensive seed is variety blends. These are a mix of different types of seed and may contain a variety of genetics, which makes them a good choice for beginners.

Some growers prefer to use regular seeds over feminized seeds for breeding purposes because they allow for easier culling of males. This is necessary to keep the sex ratio of plants at about 50/50. This makes it easier to find phenotypes that produce unique and desired traits.

They are more stable

Regular seeds are the most stable type of cannabis seed available. They endure essentially no genetic tampering, so they are likely to produce robust descendants and superior clones.

In addition to being more stable, they also tend to have higher flowering rates than other types of seed. This is because they do not need to be shifted from a vegetative phase to a flowering phase due to changes in the amount of light that they receive.

They are also less prone to stress than other types of seed, which is helpful for growers who want to keep their plants healthy and strong.

Feminized seeds are also more expensive than other types of seed, which is because they require more effort to produce. This extra work means that they are more likely to produce high-quality buds and make a good return on investment for growers.

They are easier to breed

Regular seeds are easier to breed than other types of seed. They are more stable and provide a greater diversity of plant genetics.

Regular seed is a popular choice for growers who want to experiment with new strains. They are cheaper than feminized seeds and offer a better return on investment for each harvest.

Feminized seeds are more expensive than regular seed because they are bred specifically to produce female plants. They also require more effort and attention from the grower.

Feminized seeds are a great option for commercial growers, as they produce higher yields and better buds than regular seeds. They are also more predictable and reliable, and don’t produce male plants that can ruin your crop. However, they aren’t suitable for beginner growers because they’re harder to manage. For beginners, a good alternative is feminized autoflowering seeds. These seeds will flower automatically as long as there is enough light. They are also more resistant to weedy conditions, so they are a good option for indoor growers.

They are easier to weed out

Regular seed is much easier to weed out than other types of seed. Weeds are invasive and have the ability to take over your garden, crowding out healthy plants that you’re trying to grow.

They use up space, water and soil nutrients as well as robbing your garden of the benefits of a natural ecosystem. They are also a breeding ground for diseases and insects that can harm your plants.

The best way to deal with these weeds is to uproot them before they form an established root system and set seed. This requires good tools and thorough removal, followed up by mulch to suppress new growth.

Some annual weeds, like crab grass, trefoil, lambs quarters, purslane and purslane, are easy to pull, but they have long tap roots that can re-grow quickly if not dealt with. To prevent them from taking over your lawn or garden, apply a 3-inch layer of mulch in the spring and regularly remove stray bits that emerge from it.

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