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Regular Seed – Why It’s Better Than Feminized Seed

regular seed

Despite the increasing popularity of feminized seeds, regular seed remains an important part of the cannabis scene. It’s a great choice for new growers, and is less expensive than feminized seeds.

Regular seeds produce about 50% male and 50% female plants, and will rarely go hermaphrodite (develop both male and female flowers). They’re also more resistant to stress, making them a great option for beginners.

It’s cheaper

Many people don’t realize that regular seed is actually cheaper than other types of seed. This is because regular seed typically has a higher percentage of seeds per ounce than other kinds of seed.

For example, a Golden Alexander seed has 10,750 seeds per ounce (like powder!), while a Cardinal Flower has 705,797 seeds per ounce. This means that a single ounce of Golden Alexander can grow as many as 1 plant on every square foot of a 1-acre planting, while a single ounce of Cardinal Flower can only produce one plant per square foot.

This can make regular seed a great choice for new gardeners and homeowners who want to get started with a small budget. It’s also an excellent option for professional gardeners who need to stock up on seed for multiple plantings. It can also be a good choice for those who want to save money on seeds by taking advantage of seed sales and promos.

It’s more stable

Regular seed is more stable than clones and cuttings because it’s taken from a plant that is already in the vegetative phase. As a result, the growth is less uneven and the plants are better able to ward off pests and diseases.

Choosing the right seed is a crucial step in the cannabis growing process, as is choosing the appropriate strain for your needs and goals. The best way to do this is to choose a variety that is genetically stable and is suited for the climate in which you live. The best strains will be resistant to the elements while also providing you with an ample harvest. This should be your primary consideration, along with the location and growing conditions you’re planning on cultivating in. There are a number of top-grade varieties available, including autoflowering and traditional flowering varieties. To make sure you’re not missing out on the good stuff, we recommend checking out our seed guides and selecting your favorite by comparing their features.

It’s easier to breed

Regular seed is the cheapest type of cannabis seeds, and they’re easier to breed than feminized seeds. These seeds don’t require a special growing medium and can be cultivated in any environment. They also have a lower chance of turning into hermaphrodites.

They’re also easy to clone, and they produce vigorous plants that can be grown in any climate. In addition, they’re more resistant to stress than feminized seeds.

Breeding marijuana plants is a fun and rewarding way to create new strains with unique characteristics. The process is called cross-breeding, and it involves crossing a male and female plant to create a progeny with a 50/50 mix of male and female genetics.

It’s more versatile

Regular seed is a versatile type of cannabis seed that has several advantages over feminized seeds. It is easier to grow, requires less maintenance, and can produce higher yields.

Regular seeds are also more resistant to stress and have a lower probability of turning into hermaphrodites (flowering both male and female flowers). They are suitable for breeding, and they allow growers to create unique crossbreeds that will give them the perfect strain for their growing space.

Breeding is essential for cultivators who want to make their dream strain a reality. You must select your favourite male and female species, and mix them to create offspring that reflect the best traits of each.

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