Best Regular Seeds

What Is Regular Seed?

regular seed

Regular seed consists of pure cannabis seedlings which have not been genetically modified. They offer a natural growing experience; consisting of untampered pure genetics formed through breeding male & female parents.

Regular seeds are a firm favourite for old-school growers and newbies alike; offering the chance to cultivate both male & female plants for their own breeding experiments.


Despite the rising popularity of feminized seed, some growers still prefer to breed regular seeds. They are ideal for breeders seeking more genetic purity and stability, as well as a larger variety of potential strains to experiment with and develop.

Breeding regular seed requires a bit more attention and effort, but it can be a rewarding hobby that can help you create a plant that is perfectly balanced between sativa and indica terpene profiles or even combine two different strains to achieve the perfect high.

To start breeding regular cannabis, select male plants from a chosen female phenotype and cross them together to produce offspring that display the best traits from both parents. You can then continue to repeat this process with the next generation of offspring.


Cloning is the process of creating an exact genetic copy of an organism, tissue or cell. It has been used for a wide range of purposes, from gene cloning to reproductive and therapeutic cloning.

Using cloning methods can be a valuable way to breed livestock to produce meat and milk that is more desirable than those from non-cloned animals. This is especially useful for farmers who want to meet the preferences of different international markets and ethnic groups, or who are looking for traits that are difficult to produce from breeding stock.

Cloned plants also tend to produce more than seed-grown counterparts. They are also easier to maintain, which can be a plus for commercial growers who want to provide consistent products for their clients.

Whether you’re a beginner grower or an experienced one, cloning regular seed can be a valuable tool for your garden. However, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of cloning before you start growing.


Organic seeds are a crucial part of the organic supply chain. They are essential to the integrity of organic agriculture and are used by farmers to meet growing demands for certified organic products.

When choosing organic seed, be sure to read the label and ask if it is Certified Organic. This means that it has been produced by a company that has gone through the process of meeting USDA standards to produce seed and plant products.

Another important question to ask is whether the company grows all its own seeds on site. This is a good indicator that they are committed to organic gardening practices and will help you feel confident about the quality of the product you are buying.

Botanical Interests specializes in organic gardening and produces vegetable, herb, and flower seed varieties. It is one of the first seed companies to sign the Safe Seed Pledge, a promise that it will not buy or sell genetically engineered seeds. It also offers a colorful array of garden information, landscape ideas, and pest-control tips in its seed packets.


The price of regular seed varies depending on several factors. This includes the type of seed, supply and demand, THC levels, and more.

Regular seeds are less expensive than feminized or autoflowering seed varieties. They also tend to produce higher quality plants that are more resistant to pests and harsh environments.

If you’re new to growing cannabis, regular seed is a great choice. They’re easy to grow, cost less, and you can save male plants for breeding purposes.

Whether you’re growing for medicinal or recreational use, a pack of regular seed will give you enough medicine to last six months to a year.

These seeds are derived from the best cannabis genetics from the 80’s and 90’s. They are professional cultivated and shipped discreetly from the UK and EU.

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