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What Are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds are the genetic blueprints for marijuana plants. They contain all the cells that will eventually differentiate into leaves, roots and stems.

Cannabis seeds are available in a variety of forms, including regular, feminized and autoflowering varieties. Feminized seeds are ideal for home growers, as they ensure that every plant you produce will be a female flowering plant.

Feminized seeds

Feminized cannabis seed are seeds that have been bred to only produce female plants. These are a popular choice among growers because they reduce the risk of accidental pollination from male plants.

They are also easier to grow for beginners and are less stressful compared to regular seeds. Moreover, they are much more affordable and within reach of most growers.

As mentioned earlier, most cannabis cultivators start off with standard seeds that can produce both male and female plants. This means that they have about a 50% chance of getting a plant from each seed.

In order to determine whether a particular plant is a male or female, look for wispy white hairs around the main stem. These are the first signs of pre-flowering and can indicate that the plant is female.

Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds are a great option for beginners or those who simply don’t have the time to devote to regular cultivation. These cannabis plants can be grown outdoors in a relatively short period of time and will produce an adequate yield as long as the right conditions are met.

The key to a successful grow of autoflowering seeds is choosing the right strain for your needs and environment. This includes ensuring they receive sufficient light, warmth and water to produce the maximum yield possible.

This is important because even the slightest change can affect a plant’s yield significantly. It’s best to create an ideal growing environment for your seeds from the start, and a well-formulated nutrient plan will help you do that.

If you’re looking for a strong strain, Gorilla Cookies is one of the best autoflowering seeds on the market. It produces a heavy harvest of up to 27% THC and offers a relaxing, body high that makes you feel calm and at peace.

Seed banks

Seed banks are an important part of the cannabis industry. They help prevent the spread of diseases and pests, as well as preserve different genetic traits within species. These genetics can be useful in replanting crops in case of a disaster.

They also help growers who are new to the cannabis industry. Seed banks offer free grow guides, and engage in an open support forum to help cultivators advance their skills.

The best seed banks online sell a variety of strains and breeders, with intuitive filters to help you find the right cannabis seeds for your needs. They also offer germination guarantees and free shipping to the United States.

ILGM is a popular online seed bank with excellent customer support and a 100% germination guarantee. It also offers BOGO deals and free shipping in the United States.


Cannabis seed germination requires the right temperature, humidity, and light (see our guide on cannabis grow lights). It can also be influenced by your germination method.

One of the most common ways to germinate seeds is by soaking them in water. Make sure the water is lukewarm.

Some people also scarify the seed’s shell to help water pass through it more easily. However, you need to be careful not to overdo this, as it can harm the seed’s embryo inside.

This can be done by sandpaper or even using a matchbox.

Another way to germinate your cannabis seeds is by placing them on a paper towel. It is important to use a damp paper towel and not a dry one, which may damage the sprouted tap root and kill off your plant.

Germination can take anywhere from 12-36 hours after moisture is introduced to the seed. Once the cotyledons have formed, your young seedling will be ready to be planted in potting soil or small jiffy pellets.

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