Best Regular Seeds

The Benefits of Regular Seed

Regular seed is a great way to start breeding your own strains. It offers the benefits of genetic purity, stability and pollination.

The ratio of male to female seeds in a batch should be approximately 50/50. However, it can vary from batch to batch and may even be a bit higher or lower than that.

Genetic Stability

Genetic stability refers to a high degree of predictability in phenotypic expression across multiple environments and breeding. It is particularly important for plant breeders as it provides information on the inheritance pattern of a trait (such as a new gene) and how well it will be maintained within commercial germplasm.

In this study, genetic and epigenetic stability were assessed in Secale cereale seeds and regenerated seedlings at different stages of seed deterioration, using the RAPD technique and MSAP markers. Percentages of stability and changes in epigenetic methylation status were determined at three stages of the reverse-sigmoidal deterioration curve: P75 (13 days), P20 (29 days) and P0 (36 days).

After 13 days of storage, 13% of MSAP variations were detected independently of the atmosphere condition, increasing to 23-27% (air-vacuum) when seeds were stored for 29 days. Similarly, in seedlings produced from stored seeds, 13-27% (de novo methylation and demethylation) of MSAP variations were detected at the P75 stage, increasing to 26% after 29 days.


While feminized seed is the preferred choice of many growers, regular seed can also be used in breeding. This is especially useful for back-crossing or producing a new generation of cultivars.

Some breeders prefer to use regular seed because it preserves genetic traits that have evolved in nature over time. This is a great way to maintain plants that have the ability to adapt and flourish in their natural environment.

This can be achieved by selecting male and female plants that have the characteristics growers are looking for. These include their growth rate, tolerance for environmental conditions and resistance to disease and mould.

Pollination is an essential step in the development of cannabis strains and it’s crucial for the health of a crop. As such, growers should take the time to identify female and male plants early in flowering. If you do not, your crop will likely produce pollinated buds that are lacking in potency and smokability.

Seed Saving

Regular seed, like that produced by annuals, biennials and perennials, is a simple but powerful way to preserve garden variety. You can grow the same varieties of beans, tomatoes and squash year after year, and you can also save seeds from many perennial flowers, like roses, lilies, and sunflowers.

Some vegetables are naturally longer lasting than others, such as tomato seeds and beans, but you can also save seed from onions and carrots by storing them properly in a cool, dry location. If you want to store seeds for several years, put them in airtight jars or envelopes and keep them in your freezer.

Saving seed is an empowering, creative and rewarding experience for any gardener. It allows you to select the best performing varieties for your space, and it lets you share your favorites with other gardeners.

Creating New Strains

When it comes to creating new strains from regular seed, experience and record-keeping are key. This way, growers can keep track of which plants were bred together and how their offspring performed.

Breeding is a process of stabilizing a cannabis strain’s genetic makeup and allowing it to produce homozygous seeds that breed true every time. This is done through hybridization and backcrossing.

Often, cannabis breeders will select two great qualities from different strains and combine them into a new hybrid. For example, a high THC Cinderella 99 mother is crossed with a Jack Herer to produce a powerful medical strain with balanced THC and CBD levels.

This process takes time and dedication, but it is a very effective way to stabilize a strain’s genetics. In addition, it can help to avoid negative traits from being passed on. It is also important to ensure that you only work with the best seed banks. Choose those that have a solid reputation and plenty of repeat customers.

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