Best Regular Seeds

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular seeds are the best choice for breeders who want to preserve the original genetics of a strain. Often, some of the most iconic cannabis varieties are available as regular seeds only.

Breeders also use regular seeds for pheno hunting, as they provide more genetic variation than feminized seeds. This allows them to uncover new phenotypes not found with feminized seeds.

They are easy to grow

Regular seeds are a good choice for new growers because they are easy to start. They can be grown in soil or hydro, and there are educational resources available for beginners who want to learn about growing cannabis seeds.

They also tend to be cheaper than feminized seeds. Feminized seeds germinate only female plants, so they require less weeding to produce buds with psychoactive effects.

Our selection of easy-to-grow marijuana seeds include indica-dominant strains that are easy to cultivate and produce big harvests. They don’t take as long to develop and are suitable for a wide range of climates.

They are cheaper

Regular cannabis seeds are one of the most popular types among growers, especially old-school gardeners who love to cultivate their own strains. Generally, they offer a natural and untampered growing experience; consisting of pure seedlings without any genetic modification or chemical treatment in any way.

The price of these seeds depends on a number of factors. First of all, the genetics of each plant play a crucial role in their pricing.

Second, the type of seed you buy also has an impact on its pricing. For example, feminized seeds cost more than their regular counterparts.

In addition, if you’re looking for cheap seeds online, you should consider buying from a reputable seed bank that offers high-quality seeds and reliable shipping. These seed banks typically have a large selection of strains and are often willing to run sales, allowing you to get a discount on their products.

They are more stable

Regular seeds are more stable than feminized ones, which have been genetically modified to produce exclusively female cannabis plants. They are also more suitable for breeding, since they do not have to be pollinated by other plants to create female offspring.

They are also better for taking cuttings, which allow you to grow multiple crops in a short period of time. You can then save the mother plants for cloning, a process that involves taking a piece of the mother plant and rooting it to produce new, healthy cannabis plants.

Lastly, regular seeds are more affordable than feminized ones, which can make them attractive to beginner growers. They also have a higher yield, which can help you get a decent return on your investment.

They are easy to breed

Regular seeds are the easiest type of seed to breed. They provide a 50/50 chance of emerging as male or female, which is ideal for those looking to create new cultivars or develop their own hybrids.

They also offer superior clones. When you breed regular seeds, you’re able to replicate specific traits like terpene profiles, flower shapes, and morphology.

They’re also ideal for novice growers who are just starting to hone their growing skills. They’re a great way to learn the ins and outs of cannabis cultivation while still developing a breeding program.

They are easy to clone

Regular seeds are a safe and secure option for growers who want to try their hand at cloning. They are genetically identical to their parent plant, including gender.

Seeds also have a greater likelihood of producing female plants because the seeds are feminized. However, there is always a small possibility of producing a male plant.

A healthy and vigorous mother plant is essential for a successful clone production. It should have a deep, thick tap root, which reaches water and nutrients deep within the soil. It also needs specific minerals to enhance root growth and the development of healthy branches that result in robust offspring.

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