Best Regular Seeds

The Different Types of Cannabis Seed

regular seed

When growing cannabis, it’s important to choose the right seeds. There are many different types of seed, and knowing the differences between them is essential to achieving success.

Regular seed is one of the most common seeds available on the market. They’re cheaper than feminized seeds, easy to grow and produce strong clones.

They are cheaper than feminized seeds

Regular seeds are a great way to experiment with cannabis strains. They are cheaper than feminized seeds, and they allow growers to breed new strains or experiment with their own genetics without having to worry about culling male plants.

They also make it easy to clone and preserve mother plants. Some growers keep their mother plants for years, using them to clone fresh buds and maintain the genetics of their favourite strain.

Feminized seeds are ideal for growers who want to have complete control over the final plant size and yield. They can be grown indoors in a small space, or outdoors in larger operations that need to stick with a specific plant count.

The choice between feminized and regular seed types depends on the cultivation experience, primary goal for harvest, time or space constraints, and more. It also depends on personal preference and the grower’s goals for cannabis consumption.

They are easy to grow

Regular seed is easy to grow, as long as you follow the correct germination procedures. They need to be placed in a warm, dark place and soaked with water for up to 120 hours until they germinate.

While feminized seeds are easier to grow, regular cannabis seeds are more popular with experienced growers who want a higher yield or are interested in breeding their own strains. They can be grown indoors or outdoors and are more resistant to pests.

They can also be bred using genetic material from different strains. This can result in a new strain that has different characteristics and phenotypes than the original parent plant.

Another advantage of growing with regular seeds is that they can preserve old-school weed varieties that were never feminized. This is especially important for those who are interested in back-crossing and producing stable IBLs.

They are easy to harvest

Regular seeds are easy to harvest from a variety of fruits and vegetables. Some of the best varieties to save are cucumbers, beans, peas, peppers, tomatoes, and watermelons.

Seeds from these types of plants self-pollinate, making it easy to save and grow them again in the future. You can also save seeds from open-pollinated vegetable varieties, like carrots and onions.

When you are growing these types of crops, it is important to remove the males before they start to flower. This can be done by cutting the flower head or removing them completely from the plant.

The reason for this is that they are valuable for breeding purposes and can produce better clones than feminized seeds. They are also less likely to become hermaphrodites under stress, which is important when you want to cultivate a strain with multiple terpenes or high THC content.

They are easy to store

Regular seeds are easy to store and keep viable long term. They can be stored in a cupboard, closet or other cool, dry area.

Seeds can also be stowed in airtight containers like mason jars. If your location is humid, placing a few packets of silica gel in the container can help to absorb excess moisture.

If you’re storing seed packets, make sure that the label is intact and the date is clearly marked. This will help you to quickly sift through your seeds and categorize them by year if necessary.

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