Best Regular Seeds

What Is Regular Seed?

regular seed

Regular seed is a type of cannabis seed that grows into plants that produce both male and female flowers. This ratio can vary from seed to seed, but over a larger sample size, it should balance out to a 50/50 split.

Breeding is an essential part of cannabis cultivation, and regular seeds are the key to achieving this. These seeds allow growers to pick their favourite male and female specimens and cross them to create offspring with the best traits of each.


Breeding regular seed is not a new practice, and it’s gaining popularity among hobbyist growers. Whether you’re looking for a strain that produces a particular high or flower that you like, or simply want to create a new hybrid, regular seeds offer a great opportunity to experiment with different genetics.

There’s a 50% chance that the plants you germinate will produce either female or male marijuana plants under normal conditions, meaning that you have a chance to breed your own cultivars and create superior clones. This is especially true if you’re interested in experimenting with different terpenes, flavors or mood effects.

Feminized seeds are bred specifically to produce only female plants, and they are popular with commercial growers as well as those looking for high yields and quality crops. The process of breeding feminized seeds is time-consuming and complicated, but it’s worth it for those who want to take their cultivation to the next level.


Buying seeds online or from dispensaries can be risky, and they may not last long enough to germinate. Fortunately, many growers feel that starting from seed can produce stronger, pest-resistant plants with bigger buds and a faster yield than clones.

Unlike clones, seeds are essentially rootless branches that require energy to form a root system before they become fully mature plants. They also require energy to develop leaves and continue the work of photosynthesis that the original plant had already completed.

They take longer to grow into a full-grown plant because of this. Seeds need to go through the entire growing process from germination to seedling to vegetative to flowering stages before they reach their full maturity.

While clones can deliver exactly what you want from a cannabis plant, they’re not without their problems. They can carry genetic defects from their mother, and they’re vulnerable to pests and pathogens that have adapted to their mother’s environment.


Regular seeds are the most natural form of cannabis seed and produce an even mix of male and female plants. Dutch Passion offers a range of legendary classic strains such as White Widow, Orange Bud, Blueberry, Mazar, Power Plant and many more in their collection of regular seeds.

The genetics of these varieties are pure and stable, delivering the best possible results. They are ideal for breeding your own custom phenotypes, or for testing and evaluating strains.

Feminized seeds, on the other hand, are derived from plants that have been treated with special agronomic techniques to express only the female sex. This makes it easier to manage and produce a crop that is predominately female.

However, feminized seeds are also less suited to cloning than their regular counterparts. As feminized seeds are more prone to unstable genetics, they don’t endure the same amount of tampering.


There are a number of factors that affect the price of regular seed. These include the type of seed, the quality, and supply and demand.

Moreover, seeds that are high in THC content are often more expensive than those with lower THC levels. This is because strains with high THC levels are in higher demand, and this increase in demand drives up the price of the seeds.

The price of cannabis seeds also depends on their purity. Pure live seeds are usually sold at a higher price than ones that have been processed.

During the development stage of new strains, breeders and seed banks spend a lot of time and effort ensuring that their strains have strong genes by crossbreeding with other plants. This process requires a significant amount of time and money, and that’s why you can expect a higher price for genetically pure products.

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