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Regular Seed – Essential to the Cultivation of Marijuana

regular seed

Regular seeds are a type of cannabis seed that has an optimal 50/50 split of male and female plants. They are essential to the cultivation of marijuana and allow growers to breed their desired strains.

If you’re new to growing cannabis, it’s important to understand what kind of seeds you should use. Feminized and regular seeds are two of the most popular varieties available, but which is right for you?


Regular seeds are a popular choice for growers who want to try their hand at breeding a new strain. They’re a good way to work with an equal balance of male and female chromosomes, which means that you can create unique hybrid marijuana strains without sacrificing too much of your original phenotype.

There are two ways to breed regular seed: cloning or cross-breeding. Both methods involve selecting the best plants from a given lineage and using them to produce tiny clones that can be reproduced.

While cloning can be done with any cannabis plant, the process is best performed with female plants that have their full set of chromosomes and robust characteristics. The best female weed plants are selected to become “mothers,” which in turn produce hundreds of tiny replicas over the course of several years.

Cross-breeding is an important and technical process, but it can also be a dangerous one. It can result in a variety of unexpected traits, such as reduced yields or sterility.


Cloning is the process of taking a part of a plant, replanting it and allowing it to grow. It’s a great way to produce more plants of the same strain without having to purchase seeds.

A clone is an exact replica of the original plant’s genetics. This makes them an excellent choice for growers who want to create their own unique phenotypes.

They also allow you to produce more plants from one mother, saving money and space in your grow room. Additionally, clones can help you skip the heavy training process and save time between harvests.

Before introducing clones to your garden, it’s important to check their health and vigor. Look for a strong, sturdy stem that has two or more nodes. Thin or weak stems are usually a sign that the cutting was taken from a less healthy branch.

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Regular seed is a traditional strain of cannabis that has never been genetically modified or feminized. They are a popular choice for growers who want to cultivate a pure and untampered marijuana plant.

These seeds are also a great choice for breeders and for those who like to start their plants from clones. They have a 50/50 chance of producing either male or female plants.

Many growers will use regular seeds when they are breeding cannabis to produce resilient clones that are easier to manage and reduce the number of times plants need to be fertilized.

They can also be used to make phenotype experiments and save seed. For example, if you purchase 5 Early Durban Poison Regular seeds and they grow into 3 male and 2 female plants, it is possible that one of the females could exhibit rare Indica traits.

If you want to buy high-quality regular cannabis seeds, you need to find a reputable seed bank that offers a wide selection. You can also use a seed sorting tool to quickly find the best seeds for you.


Regular seed is a type of cannabis seed that retains its natural characteristics. This means that they will grow into plants that produce both male and female flowers.

These plants can be used for both medicinal and recreational purposes, and they also make excellent clones. However, they may not yield as much THC-rich buds as feminized seeds, so it is important to choose the strains that are best suited to your growing goals.

Another reason to use regular seed is that some of the best old-school varieties never made it into the feminized market, so they are often preserved in their regular form for breeding and cloning purposes. These specimens offer a unique phenotype and are often genetically intact, so they are a great way to experiment with a new cultivar!

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