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In botany, a seed is an undeveloped plant embryo and food reserve enclosed in a protective outer covering. Most seeds form from the ripened ovule, after fertilization occurs by pollen.

Seeds can take on a variety of forms depending on where they are formed in the plant life cycle. For example, in gymnosperms (conifers and other cone-bearing trees) they can be between the scales of a cone or in a berrylike cup.

Baker Creek Seed Company

Baker Creek Seed Company is a family-owned and operated business that sells seeds to farmers and gardeners in Missouri and across the country. It also hosts events and donates to local charities.

Their headquarters are located in Mansfield, Missouri, where they have a large warehouse and greenhouses along with the Pioneer Village, which includes a seed store, restaurant, herbal apothecary and blacksmith shop.

They’re a popular provider of heirloom plants and seeds, and their seed selection is incredibly diverse. They also have a reputation for fast shipping and excellent customer service.

In addition to selling seeds, Baker Creek also produces a quarterly print magazine. The magazine contains valuable growing information written by heirloom farmers and gardeners. This knowledge helps customers choose seeds that are suited for their home gardens. In addition, they offer a free seed catalog that can be ordered online.

Eden Brothers

Eden Brothers is an online seed and bulb retailer offering hundreds of varieties of vegetable, flower, and herb seeds as well as bulbs and perennials. Its vegetable seeds include heirloom and rare hybrids, and many are organic.

They also offer over 100 different varieties of herbs, including culinary and medicinal, plus recommendations for container, cut flower, and indoor gardens. It also offers a large selection of flower bulbs for spring and fall planting.

Their garden seeds are high germination, GMO-free, and free shipping year-round. You can also purchase them in bulk for extra savings!

Their flower seeds come in a wide range of varieties, from fragrant pollinator-attracting flowers to bold deer-repelling options. They also sell flower bulbs and specialty wildflower mixes.


Burpee Seeds is a major provider of seeds for vegetables, herbs and flowers. It also offers a wide range of products for the garden, including greenhouses, greenhouse supplies and gardening tools.

Burpee began as a mail order business in 1876. Initially, it sold chickens and geese but soon expanded into a larger product line.

By the 1890s, Burpee’s offerings were geared toward home gardeners. In this new market, the company was able to compete with other large seed companies by offering good quality products at reasonable prices.

The company also emphasized product improvement and innovation. This helped to create a growing customer base and led to Burpee’s success.

During World War I, Burpee began to focus on the idea of “war gardens.” These were vegetable gardens in people’s back yards that could be used for food when grocery stores were not available during wartime. These gardens helped to increase the number of Burpee’s customers and encouraged non-farmers to start vegetable gardening as a hobby.

Seed Savers Exchange

Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit organization that conserves heirloom varieties of plants. These plants are unique and have the ability to regenerate themselves year after year, ensuring that people can continue to eat and grow the foods they love for generations to come.

The Seed Savers Exchange has a membership program, educational and community information blogs, a seed shop online and a farm called Heritage Farm on 890 scenic acres in Winneshiek County, Iowa. Their goal is to encourage gardening and seed sharing by creating a yearbook that includes the seeds in their collection, a printed and online catalog and a farm space where gardeners can find thousands of varieties.

Over the past two decades, governments aligned with large agribusiness corporations have put up numerous barriers that prevent small farmers and home gardeners from freely exchanging their seeds. These regulations include complex phytosanitary forms, taxonomic labeling and a myriad of other requirements. The International Seed Saver’s Exchange bypasses these restrictions to ensure that farmers and home gardeners can freely exchange seeds around the world.

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