Best Regular Seeds

The Basics of Regular Weed Seed

regular seed

Regular seeds are one of the oldest and most popular types of weed seed. They are a popular choice for both old-school growers and newbies alike.

These cannabis seeds are 100% natural and have a 50% chance of producing male or female plants under normal growing conditions. They’re also the preferred choice for breeders who use male and female plants to produce their own strains.


Breeding regular seed is a great way to create your own unique hybrid strains. They can be a fun and exciting process, and it’s a good idea to do it if you have the space and patience.

Regular seeds develop into male and female marijuana plants, just like humans. It’s a process that’s natural and doesn’t require any genetic tampering.

They’re also much easier to breed than feminized seeds. Feminized cannabis seeds have been bred using at least one hermaphrodite plant as a parent strain, which makes them much more likely to go hermaphrodite when stressed.

If you’re interested in breeding, you should start by purchasing a variety of high-quality non-feminized seeds. These strains are often cheaper than feminized varieties and offer growers a more reliable source of weed genetics.


Cloning is the process of taking a plant from its vegetative state and putting it into its flowering phase. It’s used for research purposes as well as by growers to produce genetically identical plants.

It’s also an inexpensive way to incorporate a specific phenotype into a grow. Unlike seeds that need to go through all four stages of the growing cycle, clones only require two weeks for their root growth.

To clone, you need to select a mother plant that’s at least two months into the vegetative cycle and is sturdy. Then, you need to cut healthy, long branches from that plant.

When you’re ready to start cloning, keep the cuttings and the mother plant clean and disinfected. Use sterilized razors and scissors, and wipe down your work area with high-proof alcohol to reduce the risk of infection. It’s also important to hydrate the mother plant and cuttings in non-chlorinated water until you’re ready to dip them into your rooting hormone gel.


Organic regular seed is the type of seeds grown on a farm using organic farming practices. Unlike conventional seeds, they are grown from plants that were not treated with pesticides and chemical fertilizers during their entire growth cycle.

The nutrient rich soil and composted manure make it easier for the seeds to thrive, and the diversity of genetics in the seed helps them withstand environmental challenges without the need for chemical spraying. This means that the strongest plants can survive and bear seed, making them more likely to produce the next generation of crops.

There are many different types of seed available, and some growers prefer to collect their own from local sources. This can be a very economical way to source organic seeds, but is also time-consuming and requires careful tracking. If you do choose to purchase seed from a local source, it is important to ensure the seeds are certified organic.


Cannabis seed prices are determined by several factors, including the quality of the genetics, the legality of the seeds in your location, and supply and demand. They are also affected by market trends and the THC levels in each strain.

Regular cannabis seeds are less expensive than feminized and autoflowering seed varieties because they don’t require extensive breeding to produce a stable weed. They are ideal for patients who want to grow medical marijuana at home without spending a fortune.

However, they do not have the same genetic characteristics as feminized and autoflowering strains. So, if you’re looking for a more reliable plant that can produce more buds, you should consider buying a seed from a trusted breeder.

While it’s possible to get a decent split between male and female plants from a single batch of seed, it’s best to buy a few extra to account for any unwanted plants. A 50/50 split is the normal result but it can sometimes swing in one direction or another, so make sure to buy enough seed to reach your desired amount of plants!

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