Best Regular Seeds

Regular Seed – Why Regular Seed Is a Good Choice

Regular seed is one of the most common seeds to use in marijuana cultivation. They are a good choice for growers who want to grow healthy plants that can resist stress well.

They are also great for breeders. They can be paired with other types of cannabis seed to create new strains.

They are easy to grow

If you’re looking for easy to grow plants, look no further than regular seed. These strains require little more than heat, light, water and a few other nutrients to thrive and flourish, so you don’t have to spend your entire summer tending them like some of the harder-to-grow varieties.

Many of the easier-to-grow strains are also less fussy than others when it comes to nutrient requirements and lighting, which can make them the perfect choice for beginners or those who have limited experience growing cannabis.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about buying cheap seeds from an unreliable source – there are plenty of high-quality varieties available at Seed Savers that will produce beautiful and robust plants that you can enjoy for years to come.

For the best results, soak and scarify your seed before planting them in your garden. This will help to speed up germination, and you can then sow them outdoors after our last frost in May or start indoors 4-6 weeks before that date.

They are cheaper

If you are new to growing cannabis, regular seeds may be a good choice. They are cheaper than feminized seed and are perfect for beginners who want to get their feet wet.

A few tips to save on seed prices include purchasing in bulk and comparing prices from different seed banks. Also, look for sales and promotions.

Another way to save on seed is to choose a strain that has high yields. This is usually a result of the strain genetics, but growing conditions and experience can also affect a plant’s end results.

Typically, strains that have high yields are F1 varieties (hybrid seeds). These are created by crossing two parent strains to create a new one with superior traits.

They are more stable

Although feminized seeds are the new gold standard, some cannabis growers still choose to cultivate the good old fashioned way. The reason is simple: regular seed offers many advantages over their feminized counterparts.

One of the most important is their ability to produce a robust crop. The key to achieving this feat is selecting seed with the right mix of genes and a solid genetic structure.

A good seed supplier will also stock a variety of different breeds, allowing you to select the perfect strain for your growing conditions. You can also choose a seed with specific attributes, like a higher THC content or a longer flowering time.

The best regular seeds will be bred from a selection of high-quality female plants and males to create the ideal hybrid for your grow area. A good choice will allow you to enjoy a more stable, resilient crop while saving you the headache of weeding out the offspring that just won’t quit!

They are easier to breed

Regular seed is the natural choice for cannabis breeders, and it’s easy to see why. They operate exactly how nature intended, with a 50% chance of emerging as either male or female, allowing breeders to create new strains and produce better-quality clones.

They’re also the most common type of seed found in nature, and they’re known for their vigorous, hardy, stable/stress resistant plants. Feminized seeds are also popular, but they can be more susceptible to turning into hermaphrodites over time.

Whether you’re breeding a strain to achieve an exact Indica-Sativa split, or you want to modify the flavour, terpene profile, or colour of your plant, you’ll need regular seed to get it done.

You can even mix opposing terpene profiles to give your bud an entirely new look! It’s a simple process that will give you the perfect cannabis plant for your needs. Just remember that regular seed requires the same kind of care and attention that feminized does, so be sure to take your time when choosing the best seed for you!

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